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  1. Convert your pictures to a movie/slideshow with a free tool if you can't add them as is. You can use even Movie Maker and save it to best format possible.
  2. How is your drive connected to the motherboard? Which controller? Right click on drive selection box and select Family Tree, click OK on prompt, copy & paste here the Family Tree from the log. It should be connected to a port that is controlled by the motherboard chipset not some third party controller. It was observed that optical drives don't always play nice with third party controllers.
  3. The best solution is to compile all of them in a single final standard DVD video structure (VIDEO_TS folder) that can be played from any standard DVD player or from laptop as well. You can use DVD Flick or DVD Styler for free. Another nice program is ConvertXtoDVD you can buy for ~40€.
  4. You need double layer disc for that size you try to burn. Or use DVDShrink to reduce the size to fit on single layer disc.
  5. ImgBurn always close the burned disc.
  6. Mount the ISO in a vitrual drive or extract the content with WinRAR or something and build a new disc.
  7. There are warnings not errors. Hence the W not E. It means exactly what it says. Your drive is probably multitasking. If they verify OK, should be no problem with this warnings here and there. If there are frequent and many more in one session could indicate a problem in the system. Try not multitasking when burn.
  8. Flash the drive to latest firmware fom here. http://www.firmwarehq.com/download_990-file_AWG170A_SG_175.ZIP.html Try cleaning the drive with a cleaning disc. Try other speeds available.
  9. Should there be any other thoughts beside the quote that maybe get lost? EDIT. Oh, I see it now. It's in the quote... On a decent computer should work fine unless you have a problem of multiple codecs installed competing.
  10. Try that disc in another drive/computer. Try ISOBuster, it may help to read/recover whats on that disc and build a new one.
  11. Try load them in DVD Flick or DVD Styler and set the target to a DVD9 (8.5 GB) disc. If you don't care about the quality degrade you could fit (squeeze) them on that disc.
  12. If you mean that mp3's will be on the final disc you should be able to put a lot more unless they are longer (in time) than a regular song (3-5 min). If you want the final disc to be played in a car stereo or something you need to build an AudioCD http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=5555 You should put the disc in the drive first than proceed to add the files so the program knows whats the target space available.
  13. If they fit in the space, yes you can burn how many you want. That is for archiving purpose. I suppose you don't expect it to be played on a regular DVD player unless you know for sure the player has support for playing avi files.
  14. Your drive seems to not like that CMC MAG-M01-00 disc. Try with the other speeds 8x first than 2.4x. If that don't go, buy some better quality discs. Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are recommended. Also you can try cleaning the laser head. Replace imgburn.exe from DVDFlick install folder with the newer from ImgBurn install folder in order to use the latest build when comes the burn part.
  15. The Download section is on the blue menu bar under the big ImgBurn logo on the main page. (Top left) You do know that any respectable software have a Download section on their pages not some random Download button thrown somewhere. Always look for that Download section.
  16. That's not smart. Change whatever you want from that sausage list you wrote but leave the verify ENABLED.
  17. You need to configure AWS as you need http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=4249 Although a line with the speed used for that session will not harm.
  18. Did you read and followed the guides? How to write an Audio CD from music files using ImgBurn http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=5555 Also there are more guides for other types of discs in the Guides section, please read them.
  19. Usualy half of MAX speed supported should be OK, so 8X, that's my theory.
  20. Does this help you? http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/10255-release-gotcha-data-backup/
  21. Did you searched in the Guide section? There is already a guide there how to copy a disc. ISO is a container similar to an archive (RAR, ZIP) and is the mirror of the disc on your hard drive. I'm sure Google will help a lot with acronyms you don't know about.
  22. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=5592
  23. Probably you need to convert them to a standard DVD files before burn. You can use DVDFlick or DVDStyler for the job. ImgBurn is just a burning tool.
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