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  1. Ok, back to square one... You don't need the external drive for this. You can do what you want with it, keep it or send it back for a refund if applicable. You can't use Win 7 Pro Upgrade to do a clean install. It can be used only as the name tells: Upgrade (from Vista). That means you have to have Vista installed up and running than use the disc to upgrade to Win 7 Pro. You can download an ISO directly from Digital River (Microsoft service provider for e-commerce) http://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/14-windows-7-direct-download-links Remember this are legit Microsoft ISO's with 30 days trial. You need to own a legit key for activating Windows 7 past 30 days. Take out the old HDD and install the new HDD. Boot from disc to install the OS. On the Unnalocated Space create one partition of 50 GB. A partition of 100 MB will be created automaticaly. Go on than and slice the unnalocated space left in how many partitions you want. Select the 50 GB partition to continue install. After the system is up and running visit Windows Update page to patch the system to latest updates. Install your programs and the antivirus. You need to format the new partitions (other than C:\) created at install since they are in RAW format. Shutdown the computer and reconnect the old drive. Make sure to have set the correct HDD priority in BIOS to boot from the new system. Copy all your files needed to the new drive. Read again #5 to try reabilitate the old drive.
  2. That is quite confusing... clean install... Pro Upgrade... new HDD. Let's brake it down... You don't need any external drive or any new drive in this situation. You have your hard drive split to C:\ and D:\ partitions already, that's good. Save all you need to D:\ partition. Boot from DVD or USB pendrive depending on your posibilities. When you get to the point to select the type of install, go with the Custom (advanced) install NOT Upgrade. On the screen to select the partition click on the Drive options (advanced) button to reveal some options/buttons than click on C:\ partition to select it and click Delete button, the space becomes Unallocated. If there is a small partition before it in that list delete it too so you left with Unnalocated space followed by D:\ partition in that list. DO NOT Delete D:\ partition. Now click to select the Unallocated space and click Next, following the install steps. That's it, wait to finish the install.
  3. Try ISOBuster, maybe it can recover some info from that disc.
  4. http://www.hirensbootcd.org/download/ Scroll down the page and click on Hirens.BootCD.15.2.zip to download the file, extract the content to temp file and burn a disc. All the tools needed are in the package. This is a bootable disc image so boot your computer from that disc. When the screen is up use the arrow keys to select Mini Windows XP and hit Enter. It will load a mini version of Windows XP from the disc so you can ignore your currently installed OS as you are running a different OS from different location, than try connect the external drive, see if this way works. You don't need to partition the external drive, just use it as a big single partition for backup. I was reffering for the new internal drive (if you already had it). Anyway if you manage to move your files to the external HDD with the help of the BootCD than you can try to recover your current HDD. As a precaution is recommended to have at least two partitions on the HDD if you only have one installed in the computer. The reason is that the first partition is dedicated to the OS and all the programs that you currently install and run. The 2nd partition is for saved data/storage.(That would be the "safe place") If you already had that set up, you wouldn't needed the external drive. You just wipe the first partition and install the OS again, your files being kept in safe on the 2nd partition. Also if you have plenty of space on the internal you could resize the partition and create another one on the unallocated space and move your data there. HDD Sentinel has a feature of Surface Test non-destructiv Read + WRITE + read test (refresh data area) you could use.
  5. Just for me to understand you currently have two internal HDDs and you want to use an external drive for the job? First thing to do is try the external drive on other computer to be sure it's working without problem. Try latest Hiren's BootCD (or any LiveCD you can find) that has a Mini Windows XP to make at least two partitions on the new drive and transfer all your files to the new drive 2nd partition or to the external drive. Take out the old drive and install the new OS in the first partition of the new drive. After you have the new OS up and running and your files are in safe place use this tool to wipe the old drive and possibly repair it http://hddguru.com/software/HDD-LLF-Low-Level-Format-Tool/ You can use than a program that shows you the state of the HDD like HDD Sentinel. With just 4 bad sectors a HDD can still be used for storage (not sensitive/pecious data).
  6. What is the "fit all" thing button? If you are using some program to convert the files you need to look at their forum.
  7. This is a problem related to communication between the drive and the computer. Try another port/cable to connect the drive. Maybe update the drivers related to the ports.
  8. Can't you use the camcorder to close the discs? That error indicate that the drive don't like the disc. The order you need to attempt would be as listed Close > Track... Session... Disc.
  9. Welcome on the forum. Keep and enjoy the software.
  10. Did you tried those suggestions? Generaly if a drive can't burn a Verbatim it's time for a new drive.
  11. Try the other speeds available. Cleaning the drive with a cleaning disc may help.
  12. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=6380 For DVD Video use DVD-R for better compatibility with older players. DVD+R can be used also. Read the manual of the player for supported media. If an image is too big for the disc you need double layer disc.
  13. The offers are optional so you can avoid them. It cost you a click but for the author it brings some cash for his time invested in this marvelous piece of software. It's his choice to let us use it for free so respect that and let him decide how it release it. If you don't need the offers just click to opt-out. It's simple as that. If someone give you for free a box of crap and tell you that in that box there is a diamond, what would you do? Think about it! As long as you can opt-out, what is realy the problem here? The one more click to be?
  14. I just can't believe how ignorant people can be. It's not mandatory, you can avoid installing OpenCandy by a click. It's just you and others like you who don't want to read and decide what to do. You just click click click... Oh no, what I have done! Than blame others for your own ignorance. If you are an administrator of an intranet you sure know how to do a silent install and there you go, no other things will install than just ImgBurn. I thought an administrator knew about silent install and how you eat such things. Uninstalling ImgBurn will not uninstall OpenCandy. They are independent to each other. Why not uninstall OpenCandy after you done the sin to not read that you already have the option to not install it and happily use ImgBurn? Again, it's just you! And yeah, others like you!
  15. Yes. There is a guide for Audio CD in the Guide section on this forum.
  16. The official mirrors are on the Download page that you can acces from the blue menu bar just under the Big ImgBurn logo from the main page.
  17. Thank you muntealb for keeping up the translation.
  18. It's on the Download page at the bottom of ImgBurn Translation Language Files table. Currently is version listed that you'll have to update with the differences to have the final version.
  19. ianymaty

    duplicating dvd's

    Make an image of the disc and save it in your computer than burn it when you want and as many times you want.
  20. Mount the ISO in a virtual drive or use an archival program to copy the content to a temp folder. Add what you want into that temp folder than recreate the bootable disc following the apropriate guide from the Guide section on this forum.
  21. If no CD Text was on the disc the car player reads the song titles from Gracenote database (CDDB) stored in the navigation system. Read the manual. It will only show titles from discs/songs recognized by certain algorithm. All you can do is update the database stored in the navi system. Again, read the manual. That comercial CD you tried has no CD Text on it but the system find the corresponding titles in the database so it shows them. According to the manual the player shoud first check on the disc for CD Text if exists, if not it will try to match to local Gracenote database. Read here more about Gracenote http://www.gracenote.com/music/recognition/
  22. You have to add them both in one session in DVDFlick and burn the output to disc.
  23. If you are using Internet Explorer to open up the file in the browser, it happens to me too. Try using other browser or rightclick and save the file. It's in pdf format, so you need apropriate software to read it.
  24. I can't give you a hint but seems the file is damaged.
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