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  1. Maybe not. There are translators out there.


    But in any event, it is valuable information, if not for you, then for us. Imagine your burns/verifies were bad but you forgot you turned this off. The thread would go for pages until someone thought of SPTD as a possible cause. And for what? So your log (which ultimately and progressively self-destructs after 5,000 lines) can look pretty? Puh-leeze.


    If people are confused abiot this message, we'll answer their questions - like we always do.



  2. I burned a dual layer disc yesterday and selected a arbitrary position from the 21 average listed and even though there were no errors, retrys, etc., with a successful recording message, when I played the DVD it had slow, stuttering playback for about 2-3 minutes after about 30 minutes, then the movie continued perfectly with no problems.

    Make sure you are using good media. We recommend Verbatim, +R, 2.4x, MKM-001-00, Made in Singapore.


    Do a scan of your burn and see if there are any abnormal spikes.



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