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  1. In fact, here, there's no reputable "High Street/Shopping Centre" store that sells them. My online supplier is terrific. I have them next day after order, every time, packaged very securely. Wouldn't buy them any other way.



  2. Please take ImgBurn out of your ripping equation. If you have ripping tools, using ImgBurn in conjunctin with them is useless and probably ends up with a worthless file (as you have just experienced).



  3. Tools like these need to be used with understanding. Good information is the

    real mark of a quality tool. Information about what tends to go wrong and why,

    about how to navigate your way out of problems and how to avoid them.

    That kind of information was in short supply, nor did I get much feedback like that

    in this forum. I'm still at a loss as to when to use 'test' and when not to use it.


    Guessing your way out of problems is not on. Problem solving begins with diagnosis.

    You need information to do that. Otherwise you are doing lore rather than science.

    Alchemy rather than chemistry.

    In the long run, alchemy will reflect badly on the tool whether it merits it or not .

    Then read the bloody guides! There's one on the settings and one on the functions - which pretty much explain everything.


    I've made it easy for anyone to do that, with big clickable links in my signature. And other helpful links. And it's not as if you have trouble finding these links/posts - use your eyes.


    Geez! You accuse us of not helping - it is you who are not helping yourself. And I wonder just how much you paid for this wonderful software and free help?


    And the media you are using is probably cheap junk - which explains the hit and miss nature of your burn. You didn't consider even giving us the brand of media.


    Here's today's SFIOTD award winner.

  4. In the future, do not burn from DVD Flick. Finish with it and output to hard disk. Then open ImgBurn (the one you installed from our website - which will always have the latest version). Burn from there, ensuring that logging is on.



  5. Sorry, ImgBurn has nothing to do with ripping/re-authoring protected DVDs (long way of answering "no" to your question) and we are not the sort of site that gives advice on ripping - particularly DVDs with advanced protection.


    If you have a problem burning a disc with ImgBurn, by all means, ask a question (posting a log in the process). But please do not ask us to help you back up copyrighted content.


    You need to start off the burning with "a good rip". As for layer break positioning, there's a guide on that.



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