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  1. If you have mp3s, you can just burn them as a data disc.


    If you wish to convert them to CD quality (WAV), ImgBurn calls direct show filters to do so (this happens after you create the cue file and start the write).


    There is no part of ImgBurn that converts WAV files to MP3s - it is a burning program, not a general converter.



  2. We are not that sort of site Albert. We are a support site for ImgBurn. If you have a problem burning a disc with ImgBurn, by all means, ask a question. But please do not ask us to help you back up copyrighted content.



  3. Depends on how big "big" is. If it's Queen Latifah's butt in Chicago, well, then I'm with you Cami (I'd rather view her front on - if you know what I mean). =))


    But regular bigness is good.


    And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



  4. Quote from the boss in this very important thread!


    You get what you pay for in this world and whilst Verbatims might cost you a couple of quid more to start with, you'll be saving in the long run because you won't end up with a stack of coasters!

    Now, surely that puts an end to these idiots whjo are just here to pick a fight instead of picking our brains (which advice we give freely).



  5. ***Sigh**


    We could flash it and people still wouldn't read it mmalves. They just think their problem is so urgent, they can't be buggered reading what we actually need to help them solve it!



  6. Well even though it is a Windows application, I dont see the problem in adding DMG support. Other software support it.

    Then either:


    1. You go write the routines that support it (for free); and/or

    2. Use other software


    Winner - S.F.I.O.T.D. award.

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