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  1. There is a way! Make an ISO of your folder and verify against the ISO. There will be some errors in the early sectors (up to about 270 or so), but these will be date and time errors only. If there are no errors in the rest of the verify, you are good to go!



  2. Mate, you're not looking for a solution, but a fight.


    You think you know beter than people who DO know better than you.


    You use shit media, don't come here looking for the midas touch on making a silk purse from a sow's ear. If you think it is Vista 64 related, well, go to some other OS and prove your point.


    Please re-read carefully post 13.


    Definitely winner SFIOTD award.


    *Sigh* - we didn't always have an SFIOTD. What's the world coming to? :(



  3. I am trying to burn the latest Nav file on a disc.


    my car won't recognize the disc.

    These are PTP discs. They are made totally differently from normal data or video disks (the disk is read from the inside out on both layers, whereas all media is OTP = read from the inside out on layer 0 and then from the outside in on layer 1. Consequently, the sector references are all messed up on layer 1).


    Don't waste your time or money trying to copy them.



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