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  1. There's only one owner of ImgBurn and he will respond accordingly.


    It's ironic that the bloody DMCA will be needed to shut this fellow down - after all the roadblocks the DMCA puts in people's way and its misuse by the bastards at the MPAA.



  2. It's not us that are doing it. You've been ripped off, sadly, but not by us.


    ImgBurn has, is, and always will be freeware. A simple google search would have told you that.


    And can you imagine how a product, which lives by its donations only would be able to initiate legal action? C'mon. It's not our fault you've been ripped off.



  3. Then update to 2.4.4 - 2.4.3 is no longer supported.


    I 19:29:08 Destination Media Type: DVD-RW (Disc ID: CMCW02)

    Also, get better media - CMC is almost universally bad.


    As well, there appears to be little on that disc. What happens on a DVD that is almost full?



  4. Try ISO Puzzle - the disc is damaged. If you can get the drive to read the disc at all, ISOPuzzle may be able to (over some time, which might be hours) recover all the info. ISOPuzzle can also work on many machines (see the readme). I had a DVD that had 180 sectors unreadable on this machine, which were readable on my laptop, and so recovered the whole disc!


    The disc does need to be at least partly readable on your drive though.



  5. OK, seems this sheila's defnintely NOT a spy, nor a supporter of Ner0 or (sadly) ImgBurn and has managed to piss off the folks at Videohelp, too :D :D


    A text inscribed on gold will probably still be around in 30,000 years!

    Provided some greedy or (I can't resist, sorry) paranoid bugger doesn't melt it down.


    Live long and prosper.



  6. Go buy the DVD. That way, you know you have the material in the correct format. Don't complain when your illegal activities fail.


    Would some one please tell me how to burn a movie into to a dics (DVD+R) using IMGBURN?

    If you want to know how to burn DVD projects, read the guides.



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