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  1. Aha!! - you did not tell us you had messed around with the settings. Having that setting checked is not the default. Regards
  2. Somewhere in your search, including the pink bit at the top, you're sure to have come across the fact that Ritek make shit media and only use Verbatim, +R, 2.4x, MKM-001-00, Made in Singapore. Regards
  3. And Shamus would say "Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder. Regards
  4. If you want to keep menus on both discs, use VobBlanker (free). Guide to splitting on site. Regards
  5. If you have mp3s, you can just burn them as a data disc. If you wish to convert them to CD quality (WAV), ImgBurn calls direct show filters to do so (this happens after you create the cue file and start the write). There is no part of ImgBurn that converts WAV files to MP3s - it is a burning program, not a general converter. Regards
  6. blutach

    copy wii games

    We are not that sort of site Albert. We are a support site for ImgBurn. If you have a problem burning a disc with ImgBurn, by all means, ask a question. But please do not ask us to help you back up copyrighted content. Regards
  7. InCD is a real mess and almost useless these days. There is a cleanup program, that totally removes it. Check the Ner0 site or google. Regards
  8. OK Joel (who likes car rallies?) Just make sure you get the Verbatim, +R, 2.4x, MKM-001-00, Made in Singapore. They seem to be the best / work in most burners. Regards
  9. They do wear out, you know. Try mmalves's suggestion then if that doesn't work, a drive cleaner or new drive might be the go. Regards
  10. Depends on how big "big" is. If it's Queen Latifah's butt in Chicago, well, then I'm with you Cami (I'd rather view her front on - if you know what I mean). But regular bigness is good. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Regards
  11. Quote from the boss in this very important thread! Now, surely that puts an end to these idiots whjo are just here to pick a fight instead of picking our brains (which advice we give freely). Regards
  12. ***Sigh** We could flash it and people still wouldn't read it mmalves. They just think their problem is so urgent, they can't be buggered reading what we actually need to help them solve it! Regards
  13. Argumentative little blighter, isn't he? Another winner of the SFIOTD award. Regards
  14. Perhaps because & is not allowed in filenames in Windows? Regards
  15. The new advanced build mode will take care of what you want. It is being worked on now. Regards
  16. Use better media. Is clearly wrong - so the drive doesn't like that shit (or is going west). http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=8000 You say you have used Verbs, so it might be your drive. Do try with Verbatim, +R, 2.4x, MKM-001-00, Made in Singapore, if you haven't already. Regards
  17. Nothing really bad there, although you should remove PxHelp20.sys Regards
  18. Then start your own thread and read the pink bit at the top. Regards
  19. http://www.digital-digest.com/software/dow...id=82&did=1 500kb Regards
  20. The purple bands are where data has been written to the (rather cheap) disc. Everything else is unwritten and looks different. Try with the Verbs or Taiyo Yudens. Regards
  21. Test your discs for PI Errors and Failures in DVDInfoPro or Ner0 CDSpeed. Post a picture of the graphs. Regards
  22. These rainbow books sound gay! =)) Good post spinner! Regards
  23. Then either: 1. You go write the routines that support it (for free); and/or 2. Use other software Winner - S.F.I.O.T.D. award.
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