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  1. Instead of downloading the PAL version, go buy an NTSC one. What you describe is exactly that problem and the older player probably only plays NTSC. Plus, with a download, you gets what you pays for, in terms of quality etc. And this is from region 5! (Russia and Africa). In any event, this is not an ImgBurn problem - the burn is a good one. Your source is the problem. If you have a burning problem with ImgBurn, then raise the topic here. If you have a problem cos your download doesn't work, well, we can't help you. Regards
  2. You are not! You are using which are junk. Verbatim do not make or brand media with this media code. Now, stop bullshitting us and go get Verbatim, +R, 2.4x, MKM-001-00, Made in Singapore Regards
  3. They're not silly. Only shows the user hasn't a sense of humour. Regards
  4. Just another fuckin arsehole, looking for his 15 minutes in the sun eSkRo. Regards
  5. Then go to a friend's place and see if his drive will read it. Follow LUK!'s instructions. Mode --> Read and copy and paste the stuff iun the top right panel (all of it). Regards
  6. My SL ones come from Taiwan and are very good. Probably Taiyo Yuden are better though. Regards
  7. That's a queer comment. Regards
  8. Dual layer ones, yes. Single layer ones are MCC Regards
  9. Throw the "Rydisc" outs. Only use Verbatim, +R, 2.4x, MKM-001-00, Made in Singapore Regards
  10. Yeah, just another guy, looking for a fight. Who wants a practical answer that works when he can fight? This is the Internet, after all! Another idiot visits us (and hopefully departs on the next train). Regards
  11. NoMoreCoasters (now called digitalfaq) used to have 4 tiers and CMC were on the bottom forever. I can't bring myself to believe they are in tier 2. Tier 200 maybe. Get ridda them. If you got an unopened spindle, give them away as a present! Regards
  12. LOL spinner. "Ripping of" or "ripping off"???? Regards
  13. Post a log! VobBlanker typically reduces file sizes, although, if you have smart gaps on, it can make tiny (and I mean real tiny) menus in small titlesets. Also, you may have mastered the DVD so that the layer break can't meet the rules. Maybe you need to crunch the bitrate a little bit or remove some material. Regards
  14. True. Use a single conversion - try AVIDemux or SUPER. Post a log. Chances are your playback issues are because you are not using top quality media. Regards
  15. @rasheed This has been mentioned quite a bit before and if LUK wanted to file such complaints, he would. He is aware of the channels. Regards
  16. @shamus I know of a bloke in a big company I used to consult to who had something like 10,000 porn pics on his work PC. Took the company a while to catch up to him (cos they are an inefficient lot), but they did and fired him on the spot. Goodbye $300,000+ job, super, fully maintained company car (it was a Lexus, I think), company credit cards and expense allowance; and imagine what he had to tell his wife! What gets me is that the guy had all this time to DL porn when he was a general manager of part of the company. Some job if you can get it, huh? Paid all that dough to DL porn. My mate here who had to fire him told me the bloke actually landed on his feet a few months later. Got a job with more pay (and better access to the internet, I bet!!!) So, maybe Jina can hope. Regards
  17. And if Jina hadn't been as stupid as he is, he woulda read the bloody readme file and searched the forum. Well mate, you got some time on your hands to do that now. Gee, we get some fuckheads around here. Anyway, being so bloody dumb, your boss woulda caught up with you in time anyway. You just did them a favour and saved them the embarrassment of realising how bad a decision they made when they hired you. Now, stop feeling sorry for yourself and go get a new job and don't do it again. And, btw, I don't have a boss (except for Firey, of course, and she's in Sydney right now ). Regards
  18. Don't forget to do a full run, even though a quick scan should find that shit. Regards
  19. Not helpful. Non-responsive. Anyone else here that actually knows anything about these? Sure. You get what you pay for. Now, read this and stop arguing. Regards
  20. The funny quotes were taken from a number of suggestions from beta members from movies and the like. Can't remember who actually contributed that one, but I am glad ImgBurn could be "personalised" for you. Welcome to ImgBurn Forum anyway. Regards
  21. You're joking aren't you? You lost your job for disobeying company policy!!! Remember the company? It's their assets you were playing with and their time you were on. It was you who disregarded what they had clearly pointed out to you about their property. Had you done it on my PC, I would have bloody well throttled you - and hard. You were lucky!!! Sorry to seem unsympathetic, but to say what you did is pure and utter bullshit. Now, go find another job and don't do it again.
  22. Check for viruses. Regards
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