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  1. blutach

    Minor Bug

    Gee, the button's the biggest one there! And resetting your project settings on each restart is the same as resetting the defaults for the program. Regards
  2. I think those ads are put there by google and they don't care even if a scammer puts an ad in. How ironic though. Regards
  3. All you needed to do was google. Regards
  4. Whoever told you that is wrong. Update the program. Regards
  5. Check the discs in another drive - do you have another PC or a friend who would let you burn a project on his drive? Regards
  6. Get some Verbatims or Taiyo Yudens - They are the only decent discs around. The ones you are using are junk. Regards
  7. Anyway, it seems jlowe48 has developed ciso for HIS purposes. And ImgBurn has been written because that's the stuff LUK wants in HIS program. Be kind enough to recognise that rick and move on. Regards
  8. Give it up rick - how bloody hard is it to decompress a file once in a while? And if it is hard, don't save in that format anyway. I mean saving 80Gb (40 games x 2 Gb) can't be high on the agenda in these days, can it? Don't bother answering - just give it up. Regards
  9. @MFC1885 One minute of your time to search would have yielded this thread - http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=7695 Regards
  10. DVD Remake Pro. Merging guide on site. Regards
  11. ????????????????????????????????????? Regards
  12. But I will!!!! Do a bloody scan with MBAM or whatever and fix your PC. Regards
  13. blutach

    Novice needs help.

    Have you considered doing what it asks? Are these floppy disk drives? If so, do you have any floppy disks? Regards
  14. Please read the guides! All of them. Regards
  15. Don't be tempted - go for the Verbatims. And next time: 1. Include your log 2. Read the FAQ and guides Regards
  16. Either the discs are totally shot or the drive/drive controller is. But, since the drive can read original DVDs, well, it may just be the discs. Try to put one of those discs in another machine with ImgBurn on it and see what it says (i.e. if it can give full disc info). Regards
  17. With no other info at all about the disc? Regards
  18. How about putting in another blank disc. What does it say? Regards
  19. No - he prefers bloody PMs John - I can't tell you how to copy PS3 games. Regards
  20. If it is hit and miss, then it's probably telling you it's on the way out. A new drive is cheap or RTM it, if it is still under warranty. Regards
  21. Or any other mode. Please do a search. The question has been asked hundreds of times before. Regards
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