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  1. Yeah - you got a real crappy burner, which probably doesn't like the MKM003s (as you can see, it only supports burning them at 2.4x anyways). Do either or both of (i) get a better burner and (ii) get the MKM-001s. Regards
  2. Well, according to another thread, you are now arseless anyway. Hmmmmm .... :rotfl: Regards
  3. It has nothing to do with the settings of ImgBurn - it has to do with the image itself. ImgBurn takes 1s and 0s (lots of them) and feeds them to the drive which writes onto the disc. Then, if you are smart enough to have verify on, it reads it back and compares it to the source data. That's it! No change in settings will help you. Change them back to default. And get an image that is correct for your TV system (not from a torrent this time, eh?) Regards
  4. Put them in a folder and answer yes to when it says "There's only 1 folder - do you want that to be the root directory for the image content?" Regards
  5. Maybe if you, or he, instead of bitchin and moaning, even half bothered to look at all the work that was put in in the media forum (that's the one that says we waste our money so you don't have to waste yours) you'd know why we answer why we do. Now, you idiot, you gets what you pays for. Regards
  6. We are - except for Shamus, of course!!!! Regards
  7. Great first post Cami! Now, what's your phone number again? :D Regards
  8. You can try to make an ISO with ISOPuzzle. This assumes the TOC can at least be read. Regards
  9. If you don't need a DL, don't use one. That's easy. The one in the PDF is what I was talking about. Using a -R DL will almost certainly result in a project that isn't right. The reason is that on +R DLs, the layer break can be anywhere and so it's easier to position. On -Rs, you gotta write to the end of the disc and if (even with messing around with padding), you can't put the LB in the correct position, you're fucked. So, go get some +R DLs. Regards
  10. Less beer in the beelly Shamus!!! (as usual) Regards
  11. You've made the almost cardinal sin of buying DVD -R dual layer disks. They are physically hopeless (due to the way a -R DL disc is made) for DVD video (but just fine for regular data). Now, you really need to go get some Verbatim, +R, 2.4x, MKM-001-00, Made in Singapore. What is happening after 10 seconds here is that it is probably trying to access a VTS on layer 1, which is, most likely, improperly laid out. It chokes and says sayonara to you. Go get the +Rs and you'll be fine. Regards
  12. And burning across a USB has its own issues. Slow down the burn. Regards
  13. And not a typo in sight! Something wrong with you today volvo!!! Regards
  14. Please get some decent blanks like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. The drive can't read back what it just wrote on that junk. Regards
  15. Yes, it is. In build mode - ask your brother to review the guides, if he has any issues. And you should update - there have been some very important changes since 2.4.1 Regards
  16. ImgBurn does not copy protected DVDs, nor do we give help on copying protected content. If you have got your copy of ImgBurn from those theiving arseholes at copythatgame.com, you been ripped off badly. See if you can get a refund (good luck). Regards
  17. Go get some Verbatims or Taiyo Yuden discs. The ones you have are trash. Regards
  18. That's right - tell the boss that what he asked for so he can personally help you is irrelevant. Here's our twerp of the day!
  19. And upgrade - we are at 2.4.4 now. This old version is no longer supported. Regards
  20. And we are not responsible for what DVDFab does to a DVD. We recommend that you have your project in a form you are happy with and then use ImgBurn independently of DVDFab or DVD Flick or DVD anything else that starts (or does not start) with the letter F. Regards
  21. Use this rule for burning DVD Video - do not use ECC/VOBU method. Reauthor your disc (if necessary) so it is compliant. I mean, why burn a non-compliant DVD that won't play on all players? Regards
  22. Check to see that Final Fantasy 7 still plays OK - this codec is associated with that game. You might need to reinstall. Regards
  23. Stop playing with your settings if you don't know what they do. Tools --> Settings --> Write --> Options --> Layer break (calculate optimal). OK. Better still, restore defaults. Regards
  24. That's whay they called themselves Matshita - even they admit it. Regards
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