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  1. There's only one owner of ImgBurn and he will respond accordingly. It's ironic that the bloody DMCA will be needed to shut this fellow down - after all the roadblocks the DMCA puts in people's way and its misuse by the bastards at the MPAA. Regards
  2. LOL - @mmalves - snap!!!! Regards
  3. First upgrade ImgBurn - the latest version is 2.4.4 Next, I notice this is a Playstation disc. Is your PS modchipped? I understand it needs to be. Regards
  4. It's not us that are doing it. You've been ripped off, sadly, but not by us. ImgBurn has, is, and always will be freeware. A simple google search would have told you that. And can you imagine how a product, which lives by its donations only would be able to initiate legal action? C'mon. It's not our fault you've been ripped off. Regards
  5. You'll need to convert the MOV files to standard DVD files (IFO/VOB/BUP). There are plenty of converters out there: DVD Flick and SUPER are two free ones which come to mind. Regards
  6. I think bloody multisession will happen before obscure formats are supported. At least it's not 2 years between queries about that. Regards
  7. Christ! Just how many questions per day do we have to have on bloody multisession. IT IS NOT SUPPORTED!!!! FGS: Search the forum before you ask a question. Regards
  8. You are very lucky if you got it all. Now, burn it onto a new disc quick! ISOPuzzle cools down (unless you tell it not to) so the drive doesn't go on and on doing the same thing. It really is an overnight job in many cases. Regards
  9. A. Read the guides. B. If you are in trouble, read the pink bit at the top. And no, ImgBurn does not leave a disc open for later burning (multi-session). You would have found this out by doing even a casual search. Regards
  10. Then update to 2.4.4 - 2.4.3 is no longer supported. Also, get better media - CMC is almost universally bad. As well, there appears to be little on that disc. What happens on a DVD that is almost full? Regards
  11. Might we see the whole log of the burn please? Regards
  12. Isn't it a matter of running the EXE? Make sure no discs are in the drive. Regards
  13. Maybe kick it up to 80. Also consider a defrag and don't do anything else while writing the disc. Regards
  14. Try ISO Puzzle - the disc is damaged. If you can get the drive to read the disc at all, ISOPuzzle may be able to (over some time, which might be hours) recover all the info. ISOPuzzle can also work on many machines (see the readme). I had a DVD that had 180 sectors unreadable on this machine, which were readable on my laptop, and so recovered the whole disc! The disc does need to be at least partly readable on your drive though. Regards
  15. OK, seems this sheila's defnintely NOT a spy, nor a supporter of Ner0 or (sadly) ImgBurn and has managed to piss off the folks at Videohelp, too :D Provided some greedy or (I can't resist, sorry) paranoid bugger doesn't melt it down. Live long and prosper. Regards
  16. Yes. Copy the IFOs to a folder and open in PgcEdit. DOuble click on the main movie - this will be easily appearent by its length. If there is a SLB, all the little boxes will be checked. If not, one will be unchecked (the one at the layer break cell). Regards
  17. OK, seems this woman ex-FoxPro programmer might be a spy but at least she's not a supporter of Ner0. Regards
  18. Way to go Bad News and welcome to the forum. Regards
  19. Seems this bloke is yet another troublemaker. Or maybe a spy from Ner0. Regards
  20. Hint - look in the settings or the burn GUI. Regards
  21. Some progs do this - PgcEdit, Filezilla are 2 I can think of. But is it so hard to download an exe file and run it? C'mon now! Regards
  22. You can't remove something that isn't there. I'd remove PxHelp20 - it's a very old driver. Regards
  23. Go buy the DVD. That way, you know you have the material in the correct format. Don't complain when your illegal activities fail. If you want to know how to burn DVD projects, read the guides. Regards
  24. PGCDemux. Remux with muxman. Regards
  25. Me too. And have a Desktop folder in the taskbar at the bootom. Regards
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