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  1. I don't entirely know what you're saying. Did you burn an MP4 to BD-R or a BDMV folder you made from an MP4?
  2. Oh, I didn't think about that. I should have said Alcohol 120%/52% so you could narrow down a search. Or Alcohol virtual drive software.
  3. Well, I don't know how "trusted" you're looking for, but here's the company's download repository: http://trial.alcohol-soft.com/en/downloadtrial.php Plus, there are different versions. There's Alcohol 52% and 120%. There's 15 day free trials and free versions. There are versions for different versions of Windows. So, you'll have to decide which one you want. I don't remember what the difference between 52% and 120% is and I am not entirely sure if the free versions even offer reading from discs to image files anymore, but I think they do.
  4. Certain PS1 games cannot be read by ImgBurn with certain hardware. I would try downloading the free version of Alcohol and see if it can read it. If it can't, then you probably can't copy that particular disc with your hardware. Parts of it may be playable, but not all.
  5. Any other users of Virtual CloneDrive come across this? I'm using the latest release, What I've noticed is not something that happens immediately, but occurs gradually over time. When an image is mounted in VCD, after some time, File Explorer starts to slow down. When you select a folder, particularly in the root directory of a drive, you get a swirling icon and it's some time before you can actually do anything in the folder. The issue gradually gets worse until restarting the PC. (I've not tested if just unmounting an image clears it.) This makes sense as I have the option to not remount images on Windows start enabled, so the images are effectively unmounted on restart of PC. And I don't get slow downs in File Explorer after restarting the PC until I mount an image in VCD. I've had Windows up for like 24 hours without a mounted image and no slow down in File Explorer. Thanks!
  6. I would also recommend you create the ISO and then mount it as a virtual drive. You can then perform the 7Zip CRC comparisons against the contents in the ISO mounted as a virtual drive. If that passes, then you can be relatively confident in burning that ISO to disc and performing the same CRC checks against the disc you just burnt.
  7. @LIGHTNING UK! You know how for a long time now I've reported on random crashes I get on ImgBurn shutdown? That you could never see a cause for? Well, I believe I may have isolated a possible cause. It's repeatable, so you may be able to test it for yourself. It seems to be generated if a folder added to a Project has been detached. What I can do is assign a partition on a USB HDD a drive letter then add a folder to a DVD Video project from that partition on the USB HDD. Then, if I remove the drive letter from the partition that that folder was added to the Project from WITH ImgBurn open and the Project unchanged, when I close ImgBurn after the partition had been "hidden" by removing the drive letter in Disk Mangement, I get a crash on shutdown of ImgBurn. This may give you something to go on now.
  8. That only applies to games and it depends on if you have a fat or slim model PS 2. MKM's worked fine for DVD Video for a decade on my fat model PS 2. The slim, not so much. However, the slim model never played DVD's correctly without skips and pauses in playback because, well, it's a slim model, and almost all slim models of anything with an optical drive are junk.
  9. I've known 2 people with modded PS 2's and neither one of them had a chip that supported double layer games.
  10. 2 things. 1.) Is your PS 2 modded? If it isn't, copies of games won't play at all, regardless of if they're single or double layer. Unless you're using a soft mod, which is still a mod. 2.) Be aware not all mod chips supported double layer copies. You can write below 4x. But, 1.) you need 2.4x media, and it's not guaranteed the drive isn't hyped up to write beyond 2.4x on that rated media. 2.) you can try setting a slower write speed, but user entered values are not always honored by the drive itself, as the hardware will do whatever the Hell it wants to.
  11. If you're going to use the OWC enclosure with a WH16NS60, be aware there's a big drawback. If you power off the enclosure, Windows will not recognize the drive is connected again until you restart Windows. The OWC doesn't do this with Pioneer drives, but it does with the NS60. VanTec enclosures don't do this with the NS60, either. It's a peculiar bug in the OWC enclosure. I haven't used anything other than a Blu-Ray burner for like a decade, so I can't comment on DVD only burners.
  12. Are you saying you have optical drives that are recognized by ImgBurn but are not recognized by it when you connect an external HDD? If you're not, then, it's as was said. ImgBurn does not image USB HDD's.
  13. It's possible to get a VanTec enclosure that only partially works. My first VanTec made me thing the entire line was junk. While it initially appeared to work, eventually, it started dropping communication with the drive. I gave a 2nd VanTec a try and that's when I started to suspect inferior Chinese quality control because that unit worked fine. Then, I had another one where it would randomly not detect anything when a disc was inserted until the power was cycled. I would get an LG WH16NS60 if you're really looking for a BD drive. It's the best of the worst. The lesser of several evils. Pioneer is pretty much junk now. Hasn't properly written to DVD+RW for over 5 years. ASUS is also junk. Doesn't properly write DVD+R DL.
  14. First, if you haven't, try power cycling the enclosure and then restart the PC. The second thing you could try is changing the Interface in ImgBurn. If SPTI was working before, this probably won't help, but it's worth a try. Tools --> Settings --> I/O --> Interface. Try all the other options and see if it helps. I'd have to say if ImgBurn worked before and you were able to read/burn many discs before, it would seem the drive needs replacing. However, you're also using one of those VanTec enclosures. They're 50/50 when it comes to quality control. You could have gotten one of those 50% clunkers. The only reason I use one is because the LG WH16NS60 only properly works in the VanTec. (And even then on the Version 2 one, you can't update the firmware of one in it.) You could try getting an Other World Computing enclosure and see if that helps. I'd say it probably wouldn't make a difference in this case, though.
  15. It would be an interesting milestone for me. It would mark 10 years since I last spoke with a close friend of mine. He installed after it came out, but did not heed my advice to not get click happy because of the PUP's at the time from other sites injecting installers into it. And he didn't regularly backup his system, so, ignoring all this, he installed something that replaced his bookmarks in his web browser with some collection of crap. He collected his entire porn library in his bookmarks rather than downloading it locally, so he "lost" "everything." He stopped talking to me after that simply because, I think, I was the one who told him about the new release. I think he blamed me even though I told him not to get click happy and told him many times he needed to backup his system. He completely disappeared after that and given his past of suicide attempts, I wouldn't be surprised if he did kill himself over something so petty as this.
  16. Um, you're going to have be a bit more specific. "It doesn't work" doesn't give us any information to go on. What does that mean? Does the application not even start? What exactly isn't working? And why on Earth did you link an article about washing machines?! It doesn't appear to be selling anything, so it's not spam. It just seems incongruous.
  17. Tried a 2212 with the new 1.02 firmware; STILL borked after 5 years plus! STILL can't properly write to DVD+RW without failing Verify. I noticed that Pioneer's web site displays some older models they apparently don't make anymore. On their products page, they list the 2212 and a USB half height model, but if you click on the links to buy them from the Pioneer store, the only model they offer on their web store is a USB slim. So, I doubt the BDR-213 will ever make it to North America.
  18. It could be the CMC Mag discs. They're cheaper media, although that wouldn't generally explain away the failure on the same file on 2 different burns. Although the offsets are different, so it could just be coincidence that they happen to fail on the same file.
  19. A simple conclusion of logic: if development has ceased, why were at least 2, possibly 3, I forget, betas released last year?
  20. I've been half tempted to post screen shots of the latest beta log window showing the version and the About screen just to put an end to this.
  21. I don't believe that's a user accessible variable. So, it's probably hard coded into the software at a 1 GB cap.
  22. Although, I'm not finding any external models with that number. They're internal slim models. Is this external drive a slim one? It seems maybe someone put it in an enclosure because I don't think it originally was an external.
  23. Every thing I find online about the UJDA750 is that it's a DVD-ROM and CD-RW drive. Meaning, it writes CD's but only reads DVD's. For example: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/2251832338157315.html?gatewayAdapt=4itemAdapt https://www.laptopspecialist.com.my/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=142_4579&products_id=2865 Notice in the specs of that 2nd link where it says "DVD-R (Read only), DVD-RAM (Read only)"
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