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  1. Hey up fella - good thanks how's you ?

    What you been up to ?

  2. Bandit !!


  3. Honestly a red blooded male hears the word bored housewife and we flock around poor Cynthia like bees round honey.......damn it - now i am just as bad ! rotfl

  4. Where has zacoz gone ?

  5. Time to update the comments, altercuno was meant to cut thru his leg to escape, he seems to have amputated his penis now tho and wishes to be known as Tracy from this day fwd !! Omfg I am trapped in here with a trans sexual.... hang on where is blu ??

  6. lol I remember the Holly v Queeg match in RD !! You even lost to keep it real mate !

  7. lol Perhaps you just need to run around popping seedy comments on everyone elses profiles and then you will get some back !! Hang on - you have been doing that !!

  8. lol he said you're a girl !!! ha ha

    As for the wall, yeah it's a website that allows you to create all sorts like the Berlin Wall Graffitti fella !

  9. Where are you db ? It's very quiet without you around mate....

  10. From your profile:


    ISF Advanced Member

    26 years old

    Gender Not Set "

    Gender not set ? Why am I not surprised !! lol

  11. Ahhhhh sweet venus....... drooooool !!

    Ha ha

  12. Hi BW, we are hoping you stick around now you have completed your WoW Anonymous course !!

  13. Where has your Avatar gone mate ? If you took it down cos of that pompous tosser in the forum put it straight back up !

  14. Even MI5 haven't got it mate.....

  15. Don't bet on it boss !!! :o That looks like snazz's butchered body over there in the bathtub !!! Aaarrrggghhh !

  16. I guess that's the danger of false advertising fella, you think your getting Jessica Alba but you get a hairy bloke from Bedford instead lol

  17. Fantastic bod Altercuno - pls keep that pic of you !!! lol


  18. I couldn't get any sleep with Wabs like that lying next to me !! :D

  19. I am good thanks ! Pleased to hear you're keeping nice 'n' busy altho I am sure newlyweds are supposed to be so tired from working !! lol Regards

  20. jmet !! jmet !! Whare are you ???

  21. lol ! Your right arm looks very developed donta, been using it extensively have you ??? ;D

  22. It's official, donta is now a Master-beta !! (something we have all known for ages) ha ha

  23. This time next year Rodney, we will be DVD millionaires !!!

    Luvverly Jubbly !!

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