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    it looks like teac got in late and pulled out early on the hd drive I would rma the drive and request a blu-ray substitute undr warranty or at least a toshiba hd drive I am working on a toshiba Satellite P205-S6347 with a toshiba HD drive
  2. what are these and how are your optical drives configured, history of that? also post a filter driver load order(under tools)
  3. chewy


    ez-dub burner post that burn log I know a guy that's used that mid code and seems to be having good results in several different burners
  4. http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers/panasonic-s35/2473 check in another player, that one is pretty old and if you read the reviews had a lot of issues
  5. chewy


    HD DVD-ROM/DVD SuperMulti? newer Qosmio® Notebook ?
  6. chewy


    Philips DVP642 DivX-Certified Progressive-Scan DVD Player I would put more than 1 40 minute avi on there
  7. chewy

    New PC build

    my memory is getting bad, it was the pata http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...st&p=735379
  8. chewy

    New PC build

    the new vista 64 bit drivers may have fixed some of the sata burner issues, but i doubt all of them were fixed don't even consider the cd or asus web site
  9. chewy

    New PC build

    more painful than you would imagine but good for fast ram
  10. chewy

    New PC build

    onboard video = lamer motherboard be sure and get standard low voltage ram to go with it
  11. chewy

    New PC build

    some video cards are the prime factor in choosing a power supply
  12. why not scan with the top 21 av programs that are updated! http://virusscan.jotti.org/
  13. we have been troubleshooting a lot of usb problems at a high traffic forum, added to the system resource problem we run into a lot of power issues which are sometimes solved by adding a pci usb card, may be even a powered usb enclosure draws some power from the motherboard?
  14. We had 2 matched sets of the 8 meg cache ones(I think) a 16x and 32x, maybe 1 48 and then I bought a 52x value one, when you do work for a club and all the events you go thru even the best cd burners in a year or so, dj's and weather, like kids can ruin a cd in no time. http://cgi.ebay.com/Plextor-Premium-52x-32...3QQcmdZViewItem seems like a seller's market
  15. at the time the 16x were pretty good, the 32x seemed better, the 48x was the best I had, even the old worn out ones seemed to do better than a new dvd burner a lot of older dvd burners wouldn't even see that hidden track/channel
  16. My friend is running 13K titles off an external hard drive with a 2 year old toshiba laptop, the ati video out using an rf modulator to push the monitors for the singers and audience, for parties they just use the laptop the disks(5 books of 200+) take a dolly to move around the premium plex cd burners are the best karaoke burners(hard to find item)
  17. everybody I know around town is going digital on a computer, the cd+g players and disks are too much trouble to keep working audiograbber author said they were the worst cd to read(rip), play or burn
  18. only if they are seperate sets of files on seperate hard drives and the burners are on seperate cables that's the bottleneck that imgburn can't fix(drive I/O)
  19. have you flashed the 3512 with the latest base bios?
  20. I am seeing the same degradation in quality for single layer verbatim disks, they are ramping up production and cutting costs and trying to just get by. Of course the last ones I bought were on sale for 20 cents apeice(16x dvd +r mcc004)
  21. http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?modelmen...l2=13&l3=56 I had this model, the nforce ide drivers sucked, default sp2's were fine sata on the board was bad till I got a new sil 3112 driver from sil(still won't do dvd burners) the newer nforce board may have the same issues with nforce drivers for ide emulation? donta would know best?
  22. what's your motherboard model and the sata chipset it's running if it's jmicron, try their newest drivers
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