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  1. copied from digital digest
  2. Interpol's impersonating a comedian division is keeping a close eye on you and loco tho.
  3. unless we are talking pal dvd from flick(the default) and you are in ntsc land mediainfo will verify
  4. things are never that simple, I have had lots of problematic burns from age/crap media/old burners/wornout players and never seen your problem it's a simple test, try on another standalone
  5. sounds like the panasonic needs service or is just worn out verify with another standalone player, preferably one that's newer
  6. It takes special players to even use, pops a picture up on the screen during pause or stop not necessary, just another gimmick
  7. the pioneer 112 and 115 are good ide burners? for cheap here in america and ide free shipping deals change every day or two http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16827151151 26$ to the door
  8. see my edit above do you need any reccomendations on good dvd burners?
  9. that's what I guessed might be wrong, you have a combo drive that just reads dvd's but won't write them
  10. what is your drive? and what kind of blank?
  11. http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=309 Oct 06, 2002 that was one of the first dvd writers might help to load the latest firmware 1.72
  12. you can use the filter driver load order tool under tools use clipboard button paste into reply
  13. your drive is still in pio mode you can check bios and this web page http://winhlp.com/node/10
  14. JMB36X RAID Driver Release Note R1.17.31WHQL (R1.17.31.00 - 12/10/07') seems they are releasing a new driver every month trying to fix issues http://www.jmicron.com/Driver.htm
  15. In bios is this set for ide? the purple sata connectors come off this same jmicron chipset? also runs the pata that your burner is connected to
  16. gigabyte sata 2 has always been jmicron before, probably same crap all over again what's the driver version and date from device manager? have you checked the burner in another computer with standard southbridge chipset support?
  17. that's the ide/pata model right?
  18. http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia?&next=50 what blanks are you using when it gives you that message?
  19. verbatim dual layer(2.4x) is the "only" one to use I doubt that your burner does that good a job even with them?
  20. I found one date for that laptop drive's firmware, it was feb/2005 burning dual layer with a new drive is tricky, burning that brand of disk is almost impossible(consistently)
  21. So instead of having your dvd burners share a cable, you have them share with your hard drives? I never had much luck with anything sharing, but dvd burners that were never used at the same time. My hard drives and dvd burners are always being used at the same time and they never share a cable.
  22. see the faq's for dma if that's fine for the new burner then try moving it to the end of the cable as stand alone master and put it on the shortest power lead all by itself you are using a new 80 conductor cable???
  23. extract with winrar(google) into a folder on your desktop, make sure drive is empty and boot into safe mode and execute the flash might be a good idea to stay with 8X media if you can find it? Of course if 16x verbatim worked before it should still work if you burn slow
  24. OEM Liteon SOSW-852S the firmwares are all over 2 years old, pretty lucky to have the drive last that long? http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html#SOSW-852S according to this page PFS3 was the latest dates are sure confusing tho
  25. System ASPI installation is corrupted since you are using usb that might be critical? LuK would know better than anyone killaspi? of course most of us don't have any system aspi at all do filter drivers impact usb?
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