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  1. the master should be at the end of the cable and above the slave benq's aren't known for being the fastest readers, just excellent burners and scanners my nec 3550 reads pressed dual layer faster, why waste a benq as a reader?
  2. Some time back I bought a benq 1620 for scanning and didn't know that the firmware on oem/bulk drives did not support pie/pif scans, I had to cross flash, in my case it was absolutely necessary. In total that day I flashed the drive 3 times, I was pessimistic about reccomending the crossflash unless necessary. Since I have been looking for a benq 1640 the last 2 weeks what do you think I would do? If you aren't into scanning, don't flash! do a disk transfer test with cd speed ona burned disk, it will test 16x
  3. I may have missed something as I have not been in the forums for quite some time. I didn't even know about IMG Burn's predecessor no longer being supported until just a few days ago. Anyway, I checked out cdreaks like you suggested and they mention my Sony as being modeled after the BenQ 1640 but that was all I could find. No conversions or anything. They don't even have the latest firmware update (1.0d). I already downloaded that from The Firmware Page. I also checked the testing cdfreaks did on the drive and all of their results came out perfectly so I am really at a loss right now. Is there anything else I can look into? read, start at post 97 and read on, not for the faint of heart! http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=...80&page=4&pp=25
  4. http://www.pro-networks.org/forum/about601...b0051a28ef72ded a lot to chew, chewy
  5. a clean install of xp sp2 is preferable, you can slipstream and make your own updated cd.
  6. krana..., winaspi and via 4 in 1 are a nono with windows xp my 4 computers(7 burners) are all working perfectly with no system aspi and default ms drivers, they all have via chipsets except for one nvidia, no older hardware.
  7. We are on the same page with dual layer, and after seeing the best scans I am hesitant to trust that technology. I can split something large into 2 sl disks for 1/5 the price of a dl one, and have better quality.
  8. I found a little program for data files, don't use it on a full movie tho! My test with a movie had the vob5 before the vob1 with power dvd, shrink analyzed the dvd fine. A 1.2 G data burn seemed fine, since some guy in Germany wrote the program, I'm not quite ready to reccomend it yet. when do they start kids programming in school over there?
  9. From what my scans show from my burns of those three premium medias on 3 different nec 3520,40,50, the lg and benq, they should have stopped at 8x with media and burners. 2-3 minutes burn time saved for what?
  10. As a case in point I will use the new NEC 3550 & 4550 burners, the firmware is not mature and even tho these drives are supposed to be the best NEC has produced since the venerable 3500, I wouldn't burn any media past 8x. I have taken TYG03(16x dvd-r) and Verbatim mcc 04(16xdvd+r) and sony yuden T02's(8x dvd+r) and gotten QS of 98-99 at 8x burns. Since I have modified write strats on the 3550, I can burn the sony's at 12x. The 12 x burns were anywhere from 50-90 QS. All scans performed with benq 1620 and cdspeed @8x. I am sure the QS 50 played well enough but in the trash it went. Observing 3 batches of TYG(01,02,03) I think the only difference is the mid code, not the dye or anything else. Crosschecking burns with above media on an LG4163 and the benq 1620 yielded better burns at high speeds(12-16x), but no better at 8x. The LG and Benq would seem to have fully mature firmware. It's a complicated world out there. Neither the 3550 or 4550(same hardware) are considered adequate scanners. YMMV
  11. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=131667 bad news
  12. I would defer to LUK on this but the consensus over at cdfreaks is those drivers can cause all kinds of problems with atapi devices. Standard procedure is roll back to the default MS ones. I just finished a reload of XP and the default drivers work very well.
  13. ASUS K8NE what are you using for the ide drivers? the NForce ones or the default MS ones?
  14. http://www.windowsecurity.com/trojanscan/
  15. "presto 4 burned discs " that will be interesting to see beta testers?
  16. Im getting ready to use the Queing feature have 3 ready to go you still have to feed the disks, no I was trying to see if nero and imgburn would have a conflict, I was more afraid of nero taking over.
  17. the G01's were the best, course I burned at 4x and didn't have a benq to scan with, but 98-99 QS with cdspeed and nec 3520's. Next batch actually had some G02's in same package with G01's. The G02's seemed to drop slightly in quality, 95-97QS, the G03's were on spindles but just a paper cut out on top. Almost as good as the G01's, by now I usually burned at 8x. 25-30C/disk
  18. I read about the large lots of TYG01,2,3's value packaged showing up stateside, from some surplus in the orient, seems the boat only came here.
  19. "Post here if you have something to say about ImgBurn"
  20. I have always used nero for all my burning needs, but after a little coaxing from corn and a lot of razzing from Blu I took the jump into imgburn. This was a difficult test as a lot of things could have screwed up. At least all drives used were standalone masters. I started nero and imgburn, pointing each to seperate hard drives, and had them burn a dvd at 4x on seperate burners. No dual core cpu, 512 megs of ram. 2 good burns
  21. chewy

    Happy Xmas

    verbs are made in 3 or 4 plants(SL), europe sees a lot of the India disks, quality control has been an issue, the tawain connection supposedly is thru prodisc and cmc mag, prodisc being slightly better. It may be a crap shoot but short of TY disks there's not much else going on. I have never scanned a bad verb.
  22. unfortunately I have been a nero geek, it's kinda hampered my developement, burning 2 cd's at 32x kinda got me addicted after ezcdcrap for a few years. I am the kind of nut that COF's on the fly at 16x and gets a QS above 90. ImgBurn has not disappointed me to say the least!
  23. "(Disc ID: MCC 03RG20) (Speeds: 1x, 2x, 4x)" I am more and more impressed with this info! in regards to ImgBurn log files
  24. How do you export a data graph? Not in faq's? auto exportdatagraph cynthia's guide
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