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  1. you can never have too many burners or computers to put them in and it's not fair that the benq 1650 is coming to europe before america
  2. and some say my scanner under reports errors! here's an 18 month old burn, probably a plex 708, maybe a 712?, the disk in question was in good shape visually, still plays in my computer, the data has been transfered to verbatim media. "PI/PIF scans lock the drive at a set read speed, and do not allow the drive it's full range of error correction tricks. Other tests allow the drive to slow and re-read sectors to correct. Lower your PI/PIF scan speeds and you will see that the scans are much better, which illustrates this difference. So in short, the disc is not readable at 8x, but it may be at 1x." rdgrimes retired moderator cdfreaks data recovery in LG 4163B
  3. chewy

    best new anti malware

    When do they start teaching programming in germany to students? when they're 6?
  4. chewy

    best new anti malware

    same here, most are just cookies, but not the good kind, I prefer homemade chocolate chips ones. if you get on the internet I guess there's no such thing as clean anymore
  5. http://www.ewido.net/en/ "Three software programmers from Erlangen, Germany, with an average age of 20, launched ewido networks last year with the motto "keep it simple". Their aim was to make their software simple to operate and easy to obtain over the Internet."
  6. chewy

    Why scan/test?

    To determine the best combination of media, burner, firmware and burn speeds to produce the best possible disks.
  7. http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Produc...1%5E964,00.html
  8. i've checked the dvd's i've burned and they are alright. i agree with you chewy, and i was wondering if there was a particular reason why the burning speed rises when i drag windows around, but just slows down when i let go of dragging the windows. weird. damn hp for not integrating usb2.0!! i have burned a test cd using nero with the graph and it's funny how the speed dips when i'm not doing anything and all of a sudden rises as i drag windows around. heck of a graph though. specs. 1.79ghz mobile athlon xp2400+ 1024mb ram 64mb dedicated to video. pcmcia usb2.0 card hp dvd burner 630e thanks all. 3 forums in 20 minutes DD + CDFreaks
  9. little picky with media, but I get my best burns across a wide range of speeds with the internal version, DOES NOT SCAN! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16827136056
  10. according to some post "long ago and far away" by the man himself, shrink uses 5 or 6 threads during it's transcode, as he said, "you guys with dual xeons are gonna love this new version" back then who in the hell could afford them? maybe dual celeries! the X2AMD64/3800 did SW3 in 7 minutes in fastest configuration, my POS took 9 1/4 minutes.
  11. chewy

    DvDInfo PIPO scanning

    I have heard claims of a lot of variance in these scans with the 3550/4550, I know a disk is very sensitive to handling.
  12. You have to pass up the first repairs and wait for windows to see the old install and then you can run XP as a repair disk. There is a fixboot command at the C: ?
  13. we did a bench with 3 amd64 machines, SW3, reauthor main movie only, compression at 68%, 2hrs 24 min movie, all machines had 512megs ram and up. DA and AEC sharp on. 25, 32 and 40 minutes 25 minutes was a dual core 3800. Hard drive to hard drive transcoding after ripping with D***. You don't want to know how fast when we turned off DA and AEC. Shrink 3.2 is multithreaded.
  14. chewy

    DvDInfo PIPO scanning

    that's a damn good burn and scan with such a new burner, the way I interpret is first look at the PIF totals, anything below 100 is great with an 8ecc scanner, the PIF average is next, here's the weak link, it needs to be reported to the 1/10 at least, this is where we get an idea how much rogue spikes skew the QS. Now last is the PIE's, they are easily handled by settop players, of course if you have POF's bush the disk. Try a rescan of the disk at 8x and see what happens to the PI peaks and average. I think the QS formula is pretty good, PIF average and total has far more weight. The new NEC's probably are off by a factor of 10 on the PIE. still running stock firmware I see
  15. "that I don't think the new ND4550 does either !" confirm I can't imagine L&D's not doing it. All my 3550(same hardware) +R are bitsett
  16. nero is safe to use when it reaches this level 5.5.xxx 6.6.xxx 7.7.xxx before that level of maturity you are just paying for the priviledge of betatesting
  17. chewy

    DvDInfo PIPO scanning

    Cdspeed doesn't seem to factor in PIE's at all and Dvdinfo seems to give them just a little weight. Using a nec 3550 as a scanner to repeat this would probably show that. I doubt that either will ever incorporate a damper for rogue spikes into their equation.
  18. chewy

    DvDInfo PIPO scanning

    I saw this scanner on clearance for 32$ at newegg, took 3 flashes to get it crossed to the B line and updated, I think I will keep it.
  19. chewy

    DvDInfo PIPO scanning

    thanks corn! I think those 2 scans are about as close as can be. Now this is almost approaching scientific standards.
  20. very impressed, especially when it matches my other scanning software so closely
  21. Version 4.52 seems to be very comparable to cdspeed and fully mature, variance of about 1% on first trial disk.
  22. It's serving no use(the dvd-rom drive) except as a fancy face plate. Pull the cables, keep it in as a backup and face plate.
  23. using the 2.6 version? burn times correlating to burn speeds?
  24. when you are in the case, another test is try the burner with the old drive disconnected
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