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  1. Happy bday and have many more of them
  2. alternative shopper in exchange for robber I wonder if thats a legal defense? Now lets get back on the original topic- Hows everthing progressing Kirk???
  3. alternative shopper in exchange for robber I wonder if thats a legal defense? Now lets get back on the original topic- Hows everthing progressing Kirk???
  4. old alchemists? that would be Bill and ?
  5. 54 is not that old,-----57 is and your almost there, I think I'll wait here for you to catch up happy birthday!!!!
  6. Nobody has ever caught me being politically correct MERRY CHRISTMAS I've never told a women I wasn't interested because she was "QUEEN SIZE" , I've always said " I don't date fat broads, so don't anyone ask about that big red hand print on the side of my face. Real problem is we've had to many lawyers for centurys, political correctness is a source of income. Its not the client that gets rich off lawsuits!!!!!
  7. tranny jokes a month ago?, sorry I don't read everthing on this forum, but you did leave yourself open
  8. ummmmmm is that you in the avatar? they have special forums for guys like that your not going to start a tranny thread are you?
  9. sounds like a bunch of dip doctors I believe alz and dementia are really close, nowhere near depression, I take pills for that, easy cure
  10. nice to here from you again wish you well with dad weren't you going to try some new treatment yourself? Wish you well, merry christmas and same to everyone else!!!!
  11. yes will attempt to backup more often, promise, i think, how about more often then I used to
  12. she sings? how does she remember the words? I thought every american would have known that, after watching Lisa Douglas on "green acres" reruns I have to send this link to my blonde friends
  13. cathater

    shipping in europe

    Politics at work wish I was dishonest enough to do it for a living, great perks, great pension, and if you get caught, all the others help protect your butt
  14. covered on that shamus, cut back on the celery sticks is there a reason anyone would want to go back????????????????
  15. ntfs of course--allows file bigger then a number I can't remember- which fat32 couldn't something I learned from the wonderful folks that are hanging around this site years ago (horseshit ok but we need a kiss ass emotion!) and in case I forget, I want you all to have a wonderful CHRISTMAS even if your not christian "God bless us all" tiny tim
  16. Yes - I see-farting around with double click , causes 3 posts of the same reply I may have missunderstood earlier in this thread-- multiple installs of ie7 I went to ms and downloaded ie7, IT DID NOT install a 2nd copy of ie, did not install over (replace) the current copy which says powered by yahoo- which showed up as she lost her palm pilot sync and ie powered by comast disappeared
  17. "the main thing about limited vs admin is when you surf on a limited account malware can't make system wide changes, " Limited account, user can still install his own cookie decisions and programs? limited user can disable ? virus/spyware goodies for 1 reason or another (don't ask me I don't)( also don't know how to disable when installing software but hasn't been a problem yet(boot in safe mode??)) and suffer on his own when shitolla hits fan What about runner ccleaner and things--still kill everybodys cookies?(login passwords,,,,,
  18. Alright Shamus Slowly walk me thru the reinstall, multiple ie7,mazolla, user settings that keep eachother from interferring, , , , I'll print it Everybody transfering thier photos and things to the new hard drive, which will get unplugged for the reinstall. Have found HP disks Start there,ntfs, Then?
  19. quality didn't look anybetter to me hd? wasn't even full screen
  20. now pain you just had yourbirthday- didn't you get enough gifts xmas right round the corner you be a good boy and let santa claus decide which one OR make up your mind and buy it for her
  21. A good reason to set up multiple user accounts. Everyone has their own desktop that way. If your HD is formatted to use NTFS (the file system), it means that another user can suffer a virus attack and have their files wiped without affecting files on the other accounts. So... you could set yourself up as an administrator to be able to properly maintain your PC and everyone else as a user if you wanted to. Are we discussing windoze user's? the screen with the cute icons for me, sweeti , kid, grandkid Anything I install (imgburn) show up on their desktop, and if they remove the shortcut from their desktop it disappears from mine. One person install yahoo toolbar we all get it! VIRUS-- maybe I don't understand, i thought when a virus made it to your harddriv it spred itself all over 3 browsers? ie 7 intalled 3 times, one with cookies for shopping, one for here, 1 to find eye candy accidently (not to mention mazolla/firefox installed also) we have crapcleaner here, removes a lot from all users. Not sure what or who did it, but the hotsync stuff for the palm pilot has disappeared. Sweetie not real happy about that.
  22. will attempt to digest this info, and get back to you but not tonight
  23. 2. Anyone who surfs the net with cookies enabled on their browser needs bending over a barrel and then humped silly. FWIW, I use 3 browsers. I use IE with cookies enabled only for EBay and Paypal and I don't allow third party cookies. I use Mozilla with cookies enabled for this and two other forums. Nothing else. For surfing the net I use Firefox with cookies turned off. Firefox also has 3 sets of ad blockers, a script blocker, a referral blocker and various other add-ons to defeat the crap that's out there. I also use an extended HOSTS file. There is no reason to allow cookies from every site you visit. I didn't know you could switch between browsers! *****Means I need another lesson! I also thought mazolla firefox was one item (its downloaded/ not installed) Cookie settings on this computer seem to keep changing, I'm assuming other user choices affect all users. I know everytime I place an icon on my desktop, someother user complains (home unit- girlfriend, her kids) When I lived alone, cookies were only enabled when neccesary, and sometimes I couldn't figure out how to turn them on for purchases. Can I switch browsers(firfox) and have it stick around with me, and keep the rest of them on "ie powered by yahoo" (yahoo just attached itself to ie this week)
  24. HAD TO SEND 1ST COPY OF ULEAD BACK?? I'm guessing, your just learning to make dvds with the program Took me a while with pinnacle, there were some problems with the program, but at the user forum, other people had encountered the same problem, and discovered a work around. ulead has several programs, I'm not sure all their video editors will burn a dvd have you tried playing your video with windows media player? what is the file extension? myvideo.???
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