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  1. Thanks Guys! I'M SENDING THIS FROM MY PS3 and using the joystick to type. Just got awireless router that actually works, first tried a Lynksis 54wrtg job that actually managed to duff up the computers connection too. Tried a DLink 615 next, and was rolling in 10 minutes.

  2. Would have posted sooner, but I spent last Friday-Saturday in the hospital with what I thought was a heart-attack :bomb: . The fact that my 8 yr old girl was home and I thought I might die in front of her did not help my blood pressure.

    Fortunately, it turned out to be a case of pleurisy.


    What exactly is pleurisy? And how are you doing now?


    Still, for spending more than 24 hours in the hospital, the total bill is $22,000 :doctor: ; or nearly a grand per hour. (One $8 pill is priced at $136!) I have two health insurance policies so I shouldn't have to pay anything. Or at least I hope so.


    I assume your a fan of government medicare now :whistling::thumbup: ? Up here the bill would have been zero, irreguardless of whether you have third party insurance or not. That only helps for private rooms, TV's in your hospital room, and ambulance rides up here in the GWN. Not totally true, medicine at home isn't all covered, but the Gov keeps it cheap, alot of Americans have been buying online from Canada to save $.

  3. Hi jmet! I can't access IB's forums at work either, haven't been able to for over a year. As I'm supposed to be setting an example there, I haven't tried getting around the company firewall.

  4. Check out highdefdigest.com for BluRay and HD-DVD comparisons. They compare the same movie on both formats (when released that way) on the same equipment. 99% of the time there is zero picture quality difference. There often is an audio difference as both formats use some different codecs, but the winners there are split very evenly. In other words, audio/video quality wise both formats are equal. Some people talk about the higher bitrates of BluRay, but that's just because less efficent codecs are required with it's greater space (ie MPEG2 1080P). I personally am supporting both formats, but to be honest HD-DVD has a finished set of operating parameters, BluRay is still evolving(ie early players won't/can't play some of the more recent extras). In other words, if you are buying a PS3 'cause it has the BluRay player great, good move. If it's only going to be for games, then look at which console has the games you like and go that way. PS3 seems to have had very little hardware problems compared to the 360, but MS has upped the warranty on them to mitigate that. By the way, last Friday HD-DVD Toshiba players were commonly available for $99.99, and they sold a crap load of them, this format war unfortunately is far from over.

  5. I'd read that, MS took a 1 Billion dollar hit to their bottom line due to recalls. Still, I'm impressed with the way their standing behind their product. Have heard rumors that to get them fixed still costs a hidden $80 fee and takes a month or more, but those could be just rumors. An IT tech I know tried to fix one, said it took him an hour just to get the case off :lol: , but he didn't have a manual either. And he couldn't fix it (a customer who bot it from a pawn shop, hence no warranty, brought it in).

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