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  1. Holiday here, although unpacking the lady's things. Had the dining room packed to the roof Friday, with a thin passageway left between the boxes to traverse. Bit tuff for a big bastard like myself, knocked some shit over and broke a window.
  2. Grain

    for LFC

    Thanks for both Chewy
  3. We're harvesting too Corny, wheat, durum, peas, barley etc. What are they hervesting your way? Clear and sunny in Alberta, going to hit 28C today.
  4. The Lethbridge store had those Verbs on 50 for $17 a week ago, but no cases. Seems like your getting the bum rush there in Ottawa my friend. Have you tried that online shop I PM'd you about yet?
  5. Grain

    for LFC

    I have had issues with BCHC (1650) and Verb MCC-003-00 media, ie failed burns showing splatter in the dye! where it failed, around 1GB. Exact same media/spindle works fine in a 1655 though, and my other drives.
  6. Grain

    for LFC

    Any word on when it will be released now that their release date has come and gone?
  7. Grain

    Pioneer A11/111

    http://wwwbsc.pioneer.co.jp/product-e/ibs/...ev00001r_e.html Note Pioneers statement: Once updated to version 1.29, this drive will not revert to older firmware versions. Change log Support New 8x DVD-R Media ( 8x writing:E-top ) Support New 16x DVD-R Media ( 16x writing:Leaddata, AMC, Must Tech ) ( 12x writing:E-top, Infosource) Support New 8x DVD-R DL Media ( 8x writing:Taiyo-Yuden(That's), Maxell ) Support New 8x +R Media ( 8x writing:E-top ) Support New 16x +R Media ( 16x writing:MBI, Optodisc, Ritek, Prodisc ) ( 12x writing:VDL ODMS ) Support New 8x +R DL Media ( 8x writing:Ricoh, Ritek ) DVD-R DL Writability has improved. DVD-R DL Readability has improved. +R DL Writability has improved. +R DL Readability has improved. +RW Writability has improved. DVD-RAM Writability has improved. DVD-RAM Readability has improved. CD-R Writability has improved. CD-RW Writability has improved. CD-ROM Readability has improved
  8. Grain


    I noticed a big improvement when I went from 3400 to 4800, especially encoding. Shrink went from 45 mins compressing to 55% on the 3400 (w/ perform deep analysis compress w/ high quality ticked) to 11 mins w/ the 4800. I don't normally compress at all, but I did that as a "test". Haven't overclocked either, have just cheap kingston ram, 2 Gb(4X 512). Want to get 2X 1GB so it will run at 400mhz. Darn 939 boards and their downclocking when using all 4 memory slots. I've been a big AMD fan eversince I bot a 1000mhz TBird, which is still running strong with about 24,000 hours on it. Plus they are the little guy compared to Intel, although they pissed me off with this price drop, as I bot a month before
  9. Grain


    I'm very happy with my 4800, I stuck with 939 though, didn't go with AM2 as I wanted memory compatibility with my other 3400 machine.
  10. Grain

    Plextor 716

    Was released a few day's ago, but I just saw it now. http://www.plextor.com/english/support/dow...ds/firm_716.htm
  11. Grain

    Sony Media/TYG02

    That's TY02 to me
  12. Grain

    Sony Media/TYG02

    Never seen a TY02 disc before, I'd avoid them.
  13. Grain

    Sony Media/TYG02

    Wallyworld (walmart) in Canada has Sony DVD-R's for $17.99CAD per 50. If you hunt through them, the 1-8X that are labeled Made in Japan are TYG02's. You have to be careful though, there are Made in Taiwans mixed in, in all the stores I've checked. There's no other difference in the label, just a small MIJ or MIT near the bar code. Not sure what the MIT's are, there are also 16X-R discs, not sure what they are either, but they are labled as 16X, so avoid them if looking for the gold, TYG02's. The 1-8X +R's are also Yudens, but once again look for the MIJ's. The +R's are 24.99 however. These are regular prices, cheapest TYG02's I've found, and are not TY's second class media, ValueLine.
  14. Anarchy I tell ya! Start a fresh!
  15. How warm are you running the flux capacitor? Sincerely Shi T. Disturber
  16. I got The Mask free in a box of cereal a couple years ago, bastards have been skinning us alive for too long with this $20-30 per disc shite for too long anyway. They actually expect people to start replacing their collections with $35 BDR or HD disc? Fuck that.
  17. Sounds like the reverse threaded lock washers holding the drive in the bay are on backwards. Reverse and restart
  18. Lost interest in Vista a while back, having "decent" luck with XP. What's the latest comp specs required/rumored to run Vista?
  19. We also sell by octane, 87, 89, 91. Used to be able to get 93 here in Alta, not it's only 91. Over in BC they still have 94, which makes for a lot of fun, especially with a jug of 107 octane boost thrown in for good measure. Was down in Montana this spring for a couple days, and they were selling 85 as their regular, so I guess it varies by state and petroleum company down there too.
  20. Thanks Spinner, I'll be the first to admit I was messing my pants when I plugged it back in re whether it would work or not
  21. Was watching the CRT rear projection HDTV on the weekend with the little lady, when a spider decided to drop down on a thread in front (I thought) of the TV. I got up to swat it, but as I got closer I got a sinking feeling in my gut as I found out the bastard was IN the TV! What we were seeing was his shadow off the mirror inside. I felt like puking. So in a moment of spontanous insanity, I grabbed a phillips screwdriver and started taking apart my Sony 53" TV. 60 screws later I had the back loose and realized that I didn't need to take but 9 out to accomplish what I wanted to do, and was likely never going to have a proper picture again if I proceded with total dismantaling. After reinstalling the 51 screws, I peered in with my maglight and no spider to be seen, but lots of dust. So I set out vacuuming and dusting the guts, including the 3 CRT guns which had a fair amount of dust on them. The spider thing had happened once before 2 years ago, but that bastard had skimmed on by all the way down, never to be seen again. That one however left something permanent on the inside of the screen overnight, as the next morning there was a black spot on the screen that never left. I wasn't positive if it was a bit of a 'dead pixel' equivilent on a CRT, or just spider schmag, until last weekend. Peering in I noticed that it was indeed a tiny bit of schmag on the screen, and so I dabbed a bit of windex on a linen rag and stretching inside & wiped it off. I then reassembled, plugged in and tested. HUGE improvement in pic quality as a result of the dust removal from the CRT guns. Threw in my homemade HT demo DVD, and during a scene from LOTR Return of the King, the battle with the oliphants, I noticed that there was a small spot on the screen where it was slightly whiter, where I'd cleaned the inside of the screen! I swore long and loud. Out came the phillips, and I set about cleaning with windex the entire inside of the TV screen. The rag came out yellow with cig smoke after about an hour of cleaning with the rag on a stick so I could reach the whole screen. Reassemble and re-view, beautiful! like a new TV, great colours, and a lot sharper image. Moral of the story, if you smoke or see spider's you can't touch while watching TV, you've got a big job ahead of you someday. Stop smoking you say, bollocks to that!
  22. 3.8 litre's equals 1 US gallon 4.54 or 4.55 (depending on your elevation) litre's equals 1 Imperial gallon (Commonwealth countries, UK, Canada etc) Gas is $1.10CAD per litre here in Western Canada, beer is about $2.50 per litre, $12.00 per dozen for decent, not barrel end shite. Verb +R DL's are $2.50CAD per, every day price. Printable DL's are about $4 each though, the newer 10X non-printables are about $5.
  23. Grain

    Gun Control

    I must have missed that (among other things ), has he died?
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