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  1. @polopony.... when i was last over there i was given some "Dip". I can't see the enjoyment of it as it burned the hell out of my mouth and tongue, although I now see why you spit....... :& @lfcrule... i know, i'm in so much "Pain Man" from so hard
  2. yeah, i tried to install this many months ago but window popped up with some kind of error, so i opted for Google Earth instead. Although that was on the last HHD and since then it's been replaced so I think I'll have another go at it
  3. =)) knowing my luck, the missus would log on and start bidding
  4. My mother has been into astronomy for about 15 years and uses many different programs on her p.c. which I've messed about with myself while visiting her. Just out of intrest i had a look at it last night and it seems pretty good, some of her programs are very dated in comparisson, the only thing i noticed was the zoom fuction was a touch slow. I'm not complaining as this is a freebee, but i will pass the link on to her, I'm sure she'll let me know if It's any good....
  5. I have to agree with lfc' in that none of my electrical goodies have an alternate power settings on the back and i don't recall ever seeing said switches/buttons on any items sold here....? The general consensus seems to be " get new goodies ", i may need to work on the missus a bit longer to convince her, if that fails I'll pass her over to my " reputable source ", I hope you are ready for that polopony....... ...........
  6. Thanks for the info Movie Junkie, that means everything i have here will be no good as we run 240v. I suppose in some ways thats not a bad thing as i now have an excuse to replace everything that is slow and dated
  7. Can i ask our American cousins what power supply you run on over there. I did ask my girlfriend but she just gave me that blank expression "don't ask me I'm a girl, i don't know stuff like that". I know you have a these real funny two pin plugs, but i didn't find out what voltage you run. The reason is I'm soon to be settling in VA and i need to know if all my electrical hardware is going to have to be replaced or can i ship it with me, ie, TV/ DVD/Surround Sound/ Desktop/Laptop and so on. This is something i need to remedy as I've got to either get rid of it all or organize shipping for all my goodies........
  8. I did just that after nothing but problems with my Laptop writer and haven't looked back since. My burns have been 37 for 0 (no coasters) with the exception of a couple not verifying. @Shamus....that's a word i haven't heard in a very looooong time, in fact not since i was in Brisbane a more than a few years ago
  9. Groundrush


    =))I think you call them "links" but to us they are sausages. The only other difference that has really stuck is when i mention "biscuits", as well call them, you call them "cookies" courteous of RecipeTips.com..... A British term for the English sausage that became popular during World War II during a time when it was made with pork meat. The typical Banger made today may contain a mixture of beef or pork meat with cereal or rusk added as a filler. The term "Banger" arose during the war era as the sausages were roasted and exploded due to the excess water contained in the sausages. Since the Banger is a mildly seasoned sausage, various counties in the country add their own seasonings such as fresh sage, pimento, and thyme to name a few, to enhance the flavor of their sausages.
  10. Groundrush


    this sooooo applies to my girlfreind, and she'll hate me for saying it. Although she is used to my accent I more often than not have to translate what my family/mates have said. @ lfurule, my first ever football match was Liverpool /Westham back in '77 and we beat the hammers 3-1....so he's hoping today will be no different.
  11. He does seem to drive them hard. On the other hand, to be fair to him, it is a bit of an addiction. I took it up only in Aug of '03 and I've already had five on this Vaio. Ouch.....
  12. Groundrush


    i have to be careful on this one as my girlfreind is American and she hates it when i correct her everytime she mentions " Soccer "
  13. Groundrush


    ! ! ! , thats perverted , i could understand if it was a good looking woman , but not a football club logo =)) you know how us Brit's love our Football...
  14. Groundrush


    Thanks LFC, i didn't know that. I've just set ZoneAlarm to allow animations, I'm now mesmerised by your rotating Avatar....
  15. I still have my PS1 and games sitting in the bottom of a wardrobe collecting dust, not sure if it still works though
  16. You sound as if you've had previous experience in this sort of thing.....? and as LFC says, I'll have to dig the movie out and re-watch it at the weekend
  17. I agree, i don't think any other film has come close to matching that scene since, and no, you are not the only one to ponder that question
  18. this is my excuse most of the time...
  19. Yup, you're right.
  20. I'm in the process of loading an image on my HDD at the moment so I'll give it a go and see what happens...
  21. I lived for Saga Rally on the Saturn one of the, if not the best arcade conversions....I can't belive It's been 10 years + since It's release, damn that makes me feel old.
  22. Corny wrote a bit in the guides section " how to use Queue", There is a bit in there on how to use multiple drives.....
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