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  1. and the room next door [volvo 2006] =))
  2. I suppose if a member opted for 'Gender Reassignment' they would qualify for expulsion. =))
  3. Hey Pain_Man, good to see your name back on the board. Can you clarify how the above quote works as my girlfeind lives half a block from a school and they have numerous handguns and rifles in the house. Does this mean they are breaking a Fedreal Law? Or does it only relate to firearms in a public places?
  4. if lfcrules humor is as good as lfcrusles1972's then we're in for one hell of a ride........
  5. Ah, glad to see you finally found it Jack..... =))
  6. Hey Gunny, search the forum is our friend, but to save you some time look here..... http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...nk+call+imgburh there is a link posted by jack that may help
  7. Ah i didn't realize that you could have problems with firmware. Seeing as It's my bro's PC he'll be none the wiser on which Is the most upto date version so I'll give him BCFC.
  8. Thanks chewy, the PC is my brothers who incidentally is on holiday and asked if i would sort it for him. I don't think he'll be too happy to see I've removed Nero/clonedvd/dvdclonerIII/xoom.... and a host of other programs that he no longer needs. Anyway whats with BCFC why not use the latest release, forgive me is i sound naive but isn't firmware just firmware .
  9. Hey MJ, i followed the same path and got the same results. I'll have a mooch on the web as I'm sure I'll be able to find it somewhere. Thanks for your time
  10. Groundrush

    Firmware Link

    Hey guys, I've got a problem accessing the RPC1site. I need the latest download(BCHC) to flash a BenQ DW 1650, but for some reason when i click on the link it doesn't load and returns a message " unable to connect " in my browser. Could i ask anyone if they could take a minute and try the link for me as i don't know if it's broken or if there's a problem at my end. Link....
  11. =)) it was inevitible that someone had to pose this question..........
  12. Thanks L_UK and the beta team members for all the time and effort that I'm sure has gone into the V2 release, and i will show my appreciation with finical support
  13. Cheers lfc', you learn something new everyday
  14. Pavlov would be proud knowing how his research has been put to good use
  15. I'd better start searching for some body armour before my move to the US......
  16. That's why i failed History, miserably........
  17. The one my history teacher taught was this... P.O.M.E. Prisioner Of Mother England, again back when Australia was used as a penal colony.
  18. Good to see you back Pain_Man
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