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  1. I'm no expert but doesn't the DIP need to physically scan the disc.....?
  2. Sorry guys can't find the disc for the life of me I'll start using the T/Y's and hopefully i won't encounter any problems there. Thanks for the input anyway..
  3. I'm impressed, even my best is no where near as good as that......
  4. As spinner said, and like mine, most recent machines have monitor ports for that very purpose...
  5. ha ha ha I can't remember if I'm going senile in my old age...... Since my last batch of troublesome discs i have verify checked each time i start the burn so it does what it does without any input from me. I only recall the verify stage taking forever to start so i ejected the disc not via the GUI but the button on my writer, then burnt the T/Y disc. (I'm currently trying to find the Verd' disc to see if it will verify independantly)
  6. Thanks for he quick reply Lightning UK, i don't recall the tray cycling after the burn but no doubt it must have, if it was waiting for the device to become ready. I was chatting on my other pc, directly beside this one but i don't really recall the sequence of events. I know i didn't do anything up until the point where i changed the disc and re-burned the file then verified. Could it be that it's just a bad disc seeing as I'm almost to the end of the spindle, i don't think that is the case(though i could be wrong) as the image is ok when played on either PC or DVD player. (Ok my bad, i had ImgBurn set to overwrite the log file. I've now un-checked that so for future reference I'll be able to post individual logs) Cheers....
  7. Hey guys, i thought I'd continue this thread as the problem i encountered last night is with verifying a disc. The imgburn write sequence went without incident but for some reason when it came to verify nothing happened.Out of curiosity i hit f8 which i think is the de-bug mode to see if it would give me any info other than that on burn log...what you see is self explanatory. Anyway to cut a long story short the first disc was Verbatim of which i only have a few left and have been using for the past 50 burns without a problem in the new drive. I then re-burned the file to a Yuden disc which did verify in the normal manner. Just out of curiosity does the burn log tell us anything out of the ordinary or as to why there was no verify. Unfortunately i managed to overwrite the first disc(verbatim) with the attached log. ImgBurn.log
  8. Ha ha ha ha you guys kill me....
  9. ha ha ha the only thing i get from Alcohol is hammered
  10. I didn't know about this site but i'll bookmake it for future reference
  11. This is probabley not what you want to hear... i had nothing but trouble/problems with my Laptop DVD/CD RW. In the end i gave up with it and purchased an external USB re-writer, i haven't looked back since. Again it doesn't really help you but it solved all my problems.
  12. Thats just too funny , true, but too funny.......
  13. You should have known Arthur Treacher is NOT on ANY Pound note in the history of Earth Prime. =))
  14. Thanks for pointing that out lfc' I'll have a mess with it over the next couple of days....
  15. Thanks LIGHTNING, this should keep me busy till my next batch of discs arrive......
  16. Thanks cornholio7, I'm currently awaiting the delivery of my next batch of discs so until they arrive I'll have to contend with amusing myself other ways . I've had a good look at the GUI and hopefully set everything to save both graph data and logs too.
  17. Hey corn', this is something i need to do as many a time I've inadvertently closed the prog' without saving the data. To do this do i check "custom" in Tools/Settings/Graph Data/Default Folder... then browse for the relevant folder to save the data. I ask this as I can't see anything to acknowledge "save data before program exit" or words to that effect..........Cheers.
  18. Hey chewy, the burn it's self was fine, it was just the verify that didn't finish. It's never done that on any other disc just the two samples my G/F bought with her. As for scanning at 4x or 8x, i didn't realize that could be done. I have the verify box checked so when the burn has finished the tray cycles and then verifies the disc. Can you verify any disc at any time, if so does this allow you to set the verify speed to your spec'.
  19. Thanks lfcrule1972 , i suppose like anything if you use crap materials, you get crap results....
  20. I still have in my possession a fake ?20 which a so called "MATE" fobbed off on me in a pub one night, I'm showing my age, that was 20 years ago. It was the worst counterfeit ever, and i was the biggest dick for taking it..... you live and learn.
  21. As i said i think my Girlfreind has them and she's going to be knocked sideways with jetlag for a couple of days but as soon as i can I'll get as much info as possible and let you know. Thanks for the feedback on the PIPO scan.
  22. Thanks Lightning Uk and here's one i made earlier... looking at the image i have a rating of 99.53%, is that good bad or indifferent...? and why does the bottom graph only have a few spikes while the top one looks like a ECG for a tripple bypass patient.
  23. @ dbminter...talking of counterfeiting, i was given a $2 bill by my G/F's grandmother last time i was in the USA. I'm still unsure as to whether it is legal tender or is someone trying to wind me up...?
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