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  1. If that's the case then the message is FINALLY sinking in and everyone's using decent media :) though

    I still can't believe that none of the regular stockists have any.... :(

  2. Thanks for the link lfc', they too are currently out of stock of DL verbs so it looks like i'll have to go with donta's recomendation. They seem to be the only stockists at the moment for that particular media.... :thumbup:

  3. Hey guys, i need to re-stock my media as I'm down to my last 5 DL verb's and my last spindle of TY's. I've been checking at SVP over the last week but they seem to be out of stock of DL verb's. Anyone recomend a (UK) retailer with a good rep that will supply what i need, as SVP only seem to have CMC MAG :& ID'd media and we all know how reliable that is :lol:

  4. Now hows that for service. Those guys at the bloated software houses can take a lesson from this


    This is something the users of the forum have known for a long long time and which is why we only use ImgBurn..... :thumbup:

  5. @polopony...good call, i love that song. :)


    @db... i saw the UK verison of that gameshow for the first time this week, still don't understand what was going on. :dunce:

  6. quick slap the rest so no one feels left out :lol: , Pain Man, people imigrate to other countries from here, the world has become a very small place where people are willing to pick up and move and test the waters and try to make a better life ,theres nothing wrong with it



    I've lived all over the world, Malaya, HongKong, Germany, Thailand, NewZeland and even Nepal. Now that it's time to settle down I'm quite looking forward to starting a new life in VA in the new year. :D

  7. I got rid of my V3 after a month, it was the worst phone I've owned. I personally just couldn't get used to it so went back to Samsung. I also took the sim card out of my work V3 and put it into and old Motorola, that said though my colleagues all love theirs'. It must just be me..... :/

  8. Hey db, although I've just switched to firefox 2.0 i still use Opera I have the same as you do, regarding the menu buttons. Thats about as far as i got. I know it's not really any help to solving this but it's always comforting knowing you're not alone in suffering with these problems..... :D

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