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  1. Now its "Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep - have you any wool" - I kid you fucking not -


    =)) =)) I still have the Ladybird books with which i was taught to read. They contain the origional version so don't tell anyone as I'm sure one day they will be deemed illegal, confiscated and then burned..... ;)

  2. Hey Farmer, don't take it personally, I know It's furstrating but we all have to start somewhere. Some people pick things up quicker than others but persevere and you'll win. Most, if not all problems can be solved via the forum, i speak from experience. The guys/gals REALLY know their stuff when it comes to trouble shooting........ :thumbup:

  3. I was stationed at RAF Croughton when they won the Euro Vision Song contest .


    My club DropZone is only up the road for there at Hinton, around 18 months ago we had a trainee doing their AFF level 1. He opened his canopy at 5k and proceeded to visually locate the DZ, what he locked onto and then headed toward was RAF Croughton about 5/6 miles away as the crow flies. By all accounts he lined up and executed a perfect landing on the main runway only to be met by wailing sirens and fully armed, weapons drawn MP's.


    He was stripped of his rig, spread eagled on the tarmac and handcuffed at gunpoint, then duly led away and questioned by the Military Police. 3 hours later when they were satisfied that he wasn't a threat to security was he allowed to contact the DZ, the CCI who was one step ahead of the off target lander dispatched a vehicle with the jumpers instructor on board to the base to help smooth things over. Needless to say he got back safely and still holds the club record for the longest off target landing and is still known affectionally as " Captain America " within the parachuting fraternity.......=))

  4. In fact, if you examine the Constitution, etc. closely, it pretty much quite clearly spells out the general populace is too stupid to run itself and cannot be trusted to do so. .

    You actually allow women to have a vote ??? You're more backward than I thought...





    @db, ok i can go with that.... :)


    @lfc, =))

  5. . The American President isn't picked that way. In fact, he's not picked by the people. :lol:


    The missus is American and has tried to explain this to me on numerous occasions but i just don't get it :ermm: If your President is not chosen by the people then how can you live in a democracy..? :unsure:

  6. Thanks for the info' guys, much appreciated. :D I'll wait till lfc' has posted the test results in the media guide then go from there, but i will have a mooch around SVP, thanks for the link lfc'. :thumbup:

  7. Hey Ken, It's pretty obvious when you think about it, using RW do make sure everything is ok. I'm never pushed for time when burning so another 10 minutes or so is nothing, the other bonus is that you don't end up wasting you good media :)

  8. If you get it on both the PC and a standalone, then, there are only 2 possibilities, within reason:


    1.) really lousy compression codec/error during processing so that the file itself was created that way

    Hey db, I'm inclined to go with option 1 in that the app' i used to create the file was the cause of the problem. I switched to an alternative method to create the files for the burns that were sucsessful.


    As for using RW media for testing purposes, It never crossed my mind but something i shall implement forth with.:thumbup: That said re-writable media is something i do not posses and really know nothing about as I've never used it.:unsure:


    What would you recommend in that department.

  9. and if the image was corrupt, you'd go back to the video_ts folder/files (if they ever existed).


    After that you'd go back to whatever created the files...etc etc .


    Somewhere along the line you'd find the problem!


    Hey guys, I've burned the files again, this time successful. :D I've tried to recover the original file(unsuccessfully) so i can't tell if they were corrupt or not. This time i used an alternative method to create the .ISO file for burning, hence the success i presume. :whistling: I'll use the original app' for the next couple of burns and see what happens, but can i ask if there is any way to check the integrity of the file before burning...?

  10. I'm unable to do that corny, i got rather :swear: off i deleted the files thinking they were no good.


    Out of curiosity what would that tell us?


    Could it have been a problem when creating the origional files?

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