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  1. =)) Yep, i lived there for 4 years and even had a hairy armpitted girlfriend.
  2. Groundrush

    CMC MAG's

    =)) Accepted like a true star
  3. Sorry about the confusion in then topic title. I only realized how it would come across after i posted Thanks for the input guys, i'll let him know what he probably already knows " it's fooked " but as db mentioned, it may only be one component so i'll suggest he lets someone have a look at it.....
  4. Hey guys, i got a call from my brother earlier asking me if i've encountered " power spike " on any of my PC's before. Rather bemused i asked WTF he was on about, it turns out his/his neighbours house was struck by lightning during today's storm and has knocked out his PC which was the only thing left plugged in. What are the chances of this happening, killing the PC that is...? On the tower all he has is a pulsing green light and is unable to turn it on or off. If this is the case, due to the strike, what sort of damage would he be looking at within the unit itself, i know they are delicate but i would have thought that a fuse or something would have gone first, before damaging the tower internals. Anyway, any feedback is welcome but my guess is that he need to go shopping at the weekend.....
  5. I'll give you a tip " ask the missus " =))
  6. Where you been hiding recently lfc'....? Anyway i was plesantly supprised with the outcome of the last experiment... =))
  7. lfc'll try anything since Sony delayed the PS3 European release.....
  8. Reminds me of the " VHS v's Betamax " rivalry many years ago......! So who's your money on?
  9. Did you find yourself watching that and trying to solve that equation on the backdrop....??? =))
  10. The other 99.09% of us are so gullible at times... =))
  11. I agree. I snagged my brothers wireless laptop over the weekend and was messing with the MAC filtering for access and all that. Not in the filter table, NO ACCESS Something that simple is so effective......
  12. Pictures...!! Na, you should have seen the video's =))
  13. She told me to say thank you all for your help, so yes, It's for YOU guys. From her.
  14. <Update> Job done, thanks guys for all the input, MAC Filtering is all set and the wireless side is secrured with WEP which i know will make Ali' happy. It's simple when you know how:blush: This from me.... And this is from Ali'....
  15. Thanks Shamus, I've set the MAC Address feild accordingly. Ali (flatmate) Is at work so I can't check If the card ID Is correct, although I'm sure It Is going by the data stored from yesterday. Anyway, I'll find out later this evening and let you know the outcome. I'm sure all will be OK.....
  16. Thanks guys, I have a querey about the MAC Address Filtering posted by Shamus. All the Id's/codes/serials........are In the relevant feilds and enabled, but to the top of the window there Is...... Access Rule for registered MAC address > [ ] Allow [x] Deny Currently the Deny Is checked, can anyone clarifiy this for me Insofar what does It do/mean and should I Allow or Deny this feature.
  17. thanks for all the Info' guys. Can't do anything at the moment, but I'm sure we'll get everything sorted tomorrow and keep you posted....
  18. Hey corny, thanks for the quick reply. I have the router here which Is hardwired to my pc but my flatmate links wireless where she gets the message " unsecure wireless network". How do you rectify that.....? :thumbs:
  19. Hey guys (gals) as you can guess from the title I'm having prob's securing my network. My flat mate has got herself a wireless laptop and has asked me to set up a network, she's supplied all the gear and as the line comes into my work station I've got to set things up here. Ok all Is up and running but she's paranoid about the wireless network not being secure, which Is understandable. So, me being a complete noob to this I need to ask for some assistance In securing the network and how to turn on encryption from within WinXP(home). What I really need to do Is get my hands on her Laptop (behave, this Is serious ) so I can configure It accordingly. I've googled the topic but seem to be going round In circles and can't find a simple answer. So here I am asking all you Guru's within the forum to help a mere mortal like myself....... :thumbs:
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