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  1. Does that make him the oldest forum member...
  2. Oooops, I droped myself right in it there Should have kept my mouth shut....
  3. Yep, I'll testify to that thanks to one of my nephews...
  4. Groundrush


    =)) Instead of emmigrating to North America, methinks I'll go to South Ameriac instead. We're never likely to see that sort of cheerleading at the SuperBowl, look what happened with Jannet Jackson......
  5. Groundrush


    Hey ~Dave~ this one's for you a late birthday treat......
  6. Groundrush


    Happy Birthday db...
  7. This is solely for the porn star wannabe: Look in the mirror...u're ugly,and possibly fat too =))=)) lfc you just got busted
  8. Geeez, what happened to her. The other one that scared me was Jesse Jane, she's soooooo anorexic :&
  9. Groundrush


    Nope, all seems fine here....
  10. Merry christmas to all forum members, hope you have an enjoyable holiday.
  11. I feel for you, i just hate it when that happens..
  12. my father inlaw mailed me this along with some others(Bob & Tom) a while back. I still wet myself everytime i hear this. =))
  13. Groundrush

    kung fu

    I still laugh everytime i watch that
  14. Groundrush


    so you know the area well then.....?
  15. Groundrush


    Have a look here.. link
  16. Reminds me of last christmas in Virgina..... =))
  17. Love your current avatar shamus =))
  18. http://www.someotherforum.com/ ......funny, i've never heard of this one... =))
  19. Groundrush


    The newer versions of ImgBurn seem to always get released while i'm off on holiday, I'm sorry to say that i have no trip away planned for the next couple of months......so i think we're out of luck...=))
  20. Agreed, i only have a cockateel, but how can soo much noise come from one little bird...
  21. I spent last xmas in SC with the Mrs family, We were in Wal Mart one day grocery shopping and found that some people actually followed us around the store listening to me talk I found out that to really confuse people listening was talk really fast and everyone would just stare because they couldn't understand what i was saying , no need for any rhyming slang =))
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