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  1. Thanks for the update. Its been a long time since I have updated my Imgburn. I guess that goes to show how much I have been away from my computer. Thanks for all of your hard work and I think I will have to check out what all new since the last release I downloaded.
  2. Well I am finding that IMGburn is not to blame and all is well with IMGBurn. I did get one to play on my stand alones last night. Hey! Considering this forum is somewhat restricted to what can and cant be said that is all I can say on that right now. I would like to thank everyone for their help on this matter and I did learn more about IMGburn, and that 32k padding stuff: which is a good thing since I use it every day. Thanks every one for your time and efforts. I do plan to play around more with this "build feature in this new version of IMGburn though.
  3. I will give that a try I dont have any dvd+R now due to the fact that my Toshiba wont play them, with setting the booktype it should I just never gave that a try yet. I will pick up some DVD+R and see if that works. I actually do have some somehwere I but when and if I do find them they are about 5 years old LOL that is when I discovered my player didnt like those. I kept them for data and dont remember where I put them. they are proabably 1 or 2 X anyways. thank you,
  4. Yes it plays on my computer but not on stand alone aslo plays on a PS2. Thank you, @lfc, No I have never had a need to change any of my settings in IMGburn the only thing I changed was: 32K padding is unchecked After posting this thread. Thank you,
  5. Sorry about that I forgot all about that I have edited my posts. Thank you for your help.
  6. Hello thanks for the help. I am using DVD-R discs. By looking at all of the logs and the nero CD quality scans on all of the burns there shouldnt be any reason why they wont play on a stand alone player but none of them do. I think I figured out how to use the build mode In a few minutes I will know if that burn will play in any of my stand alones or not. Ok this burn still will not play on the stand alones and completely locks up my Toshiba to the point I have to Kill the pwer on it. And turn it back on and real fast eject the disc before it trys to read it again. Here is the log. ImgBurn_from_video_TS.log
  7. Ok I got the 32K padding part I am still compltely lost on how to burn any thing other then an .ISO is this even possible?
  8. I dont know what you mean by that I have been at this all night last night and have burned now 7 DVD's that will not play on a stanalone. Other then PS2. Here are some of the logs not all of them have been save some were delete by accident: Can IMGburn burn from a Video_TS folder or does it have to be an .ISO ? IMGburn_logs_from_RV_Movie_plu_menus.zip
  9. Every disc that I have burned had not been able to play on any stand alone player, although the back ups play fine on my 3 computers and my son's Play Station2. We have 2 stand alone players in the house and last night I sent a burn to a friends house to see if the disc would play on his play. NO it didnt. I have used Nero CD speed to test the quality of the burn all on the 90"s good burns, I used Verbatim, TY and Princo discs. I have used Shrink to create the ISO - still no go on the playback. I have been told that you can burn stright from the Video_TS folder with this new version of IMGburn yet I am having no luck figuring that out. I have gone through the guides and it look like the "Build may be what I need?" not sure. First question is how do I burn from the Video_TS folder without it being an .ISO file. Thank you, Again I am not sure what the problem here is if it is a problem with ripit4me or shrink or imgburn. Oh ya the movie is RV region 1
  10. Better late then never hope your birthday was the best!
  11. Thank you LUK and all of the testers for the awesome update 2.0 !
  12. @ Leslie So that is what Les is short for. =)) (still love ya blu)
  13. Around here single layer DVD were $10.00 each they came in Black DVD cases that was in the year 2000. I turn 36 this month not old yet but getting there.
  14. I have also learned that the +R's are the better ones for daul layer. If they didnt cost so much I would be using the DL rather then the single. I may just break down a buy a few though I have some Home video my mother recoreded of my son when he was a baby I would rather have those videos on the dl. But for now still waiting for the price to come down on them. Heck I remember when the single layers were $10.00 per disc so I am sure the Duals will come down too.
  15. He is new to this stuff as he says so give him a chance. He will catch on.
  16. Your trying to burn faster then that media will allow what is the speed =X of your blank media ? This log shows that your media is 2.4X which means you cannot burn faster then that. You cant burn faster then the media is made for. Try burning at 2 X I also see there is an (OEM)firmware for this burner I am wondering if you have the correct firmware for you drive.
  17. Maxell is bad media, try verbatim or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4.7 gig blanks really dont give you 4.7 gigs of space and 2 hours means nothing really you can put a 3 hour video on a 4.7 . Hours means nothing, file size mean everything. For exampley you could have a 2 hour video = 7.56 gigs And you could also have a 2 hour movie = 4.35 gigs or 4.46 gigs File size is what matters when burning to blanks if the file size is larger then the disc size you need to SHRINK the files down to fit on the disc. Use your best friend google about SHRINK dvd video.
  18. That is the default setting in shrink and it hasnt failed me or any of the other many many people that use it.Just because MY title HERE says newbie doesnt mean I dont know what I am talking about. I am far from a Newbie my dear.
  19. I am watching but all I see is a 1/2 nake chick I am thinking thats not Kevdriver. LMFAO!
  20. Glad to hear that Lfc !
  21. Help me Kev. Please I promise to be REAL gooooooooood!
  22. Not to piddle on your parade angel, but you'd have some trouble with this size file. (It won't fit) I personaly would not go beyond 4.35GB and that's with good media. Since I have been using TY blanks no problems here. I used to have them all 4.35gig But then again what do I know I am just a "Newbie" LMFAO
  23. shrink can only read compatable dvd files. Hint... google search...( convert divx to DVD )
  24. that means go to www.google.com then research the problem the answers are out there.
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