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  1. I just dropped a support request email in at SVP (and said the recommendation to deal with them came from here) So I'll see if I get a response. Thanks.
  2. Having made the mistake of buying some of these awful discs before... You will indeed find thay they can write at up to 16x, what you will also find however, is that only some of them will then verify at any speed. ?And you are virtually guarenteed that when you come and try to read them back in a couple of months or years, that you will find you have a very fine collection of shiny coasters that you can scare birds out of the garden with. ?What you will probably not have is any usable data. ?I moved on from Prodisc to better quality dyes, and now some of them won't read after a few months. The mantra around here is buy Taiyo-Yudens if you want to read stuff back off your discs. Mark
  3. So TYG02's, but not Datawrite or unbranded TYG02's... and 16x DVD-R TY03 might be ok. I hadn't immediately noticed the ?4.99 delivery at SVP, so I might do a bit more looking round. I wonder if my burner will suppost the TY03's at 4x.. Is there anyway to find out what speed a burner will handle a media if you don't have any to hand?? Might be time to get another burner as well.... Mark
  4. The ones you recommended are OOS at the moment, are the unbranded (last link in my first post) likely to be roughly equivalent? I'm on the current firmware for my burner 100D. Thanks for you input. Mark
  5. A couple of years ago I (long before I found this forum) I bought an Artec VOM-12E48X writer, because it was the cheapest I could find at the time... It's described as a 12x burner but doesn't ever give me the option to burn at more than 6x, in any package. Not that I ever burn fater than x4 anyway. I was buying unbranded media for a while, the moved up to DataWrite Blue. All of these?that?burned?ok?at?the?time,?still?seem?to read ok 2 years later. I did start getting a few more coasters?per?tub so moved up? to Datawrite Yellow, mostly Ritek dye, and 1 or two packs that were, umm, CMC MAG AE1 dye. Those discs of these that did burn and verify ok at the time are now showing as blank media.... I don't normally use the verify media option in ImgBurn, as out of habit I use the Scandisc tab in Nero CDDVD Speed 4.7. and these are discs that scanned ok in CDDVD Speed when burned.?They?were?burned?in?CdBurnerXpPro. I'm now looking for a better source of media, as my choice of "what's (almost) cheapest" is obviously not working out I'd like to go with with TY Verb's after all the comments round here of "don't do anything else" and after looking round SVP and DvdShopOnline, I'm leaning towards these Verbatim 16x DVD+R YUDEN000T03 dye @ ?19.96/100 http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=1523. I've never bought +R's before,?I started with -R's because the DVD drive in my old laptop wouldn't read +R's, though it has since died (the drive, not the laptop), so that's not an issue anymore. ?BTW, are there any advantages to using +R SL media, given I'm always burning at x4 anyway? The other discs I was looking at was Datawrite 8x DVD-R TY's @?16.99/100, http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=1800, though the reviews seem to indicate there a lot worse than the Unbranded 8x DVD-R TY's @?26.79/100, http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=228 Any comments?and?suggestions welcome, (even just 'yeah thes are a good deal') or indications of where else to shop. Mark
  6. I believe you, really, I do. Again thanks... Mark
  7. Point well taken, done. I just wish I could afford to give more. And as a bonus, I learned LUK's real name. At least I think I did. Mark
  8. Carefully reads the guide first.... Is there any way to tell where a file/directory will be truncated when you add it in Build Mode? Drop C:\Data\Movies\Store\Barney in the BM Tab and \Barney goes on the disk, add C:\Data\Movies\Angelina on and you get (I think) \Store\Barney and \Angelina. (Yeah I'm backing up my 3yr old daughters movies) I know I can get the full directory names with Preserve Full Pathnames, but is there any way to tell IB where to split the names? e.g. in the above case I'd prefer \Barney and \Angleina. Is that possible? Aside: I'll admit that is one feature I miss from using CdBurnerXp, it had a more explorer like interface in the Build area. If you've never used it, CB lets you do things like create a Directory in Build mode (i.e. on the iso image, not on the hard disk) So you can create '\Movies" on the image, then drop Barney and Angelina into \Movies and get \Movies\Barney and \Movies\Angelina on the DVD. I can achieve the same things using Ntfs Hardlinks or reorganising my HD in Explorer before dropping things into IB, though I'd be curious to know what others think of this? What I should do of course is just buy a bigger disk, because Data\Movies\Store is a Junction and is actually my second drive (both only 20Gs) I did get a 160G recently, which of course worked perfectly when I got it and then died shortly afterwards because of a faulty power connector in my PC, so no warranty cover..... - I have three good power connectors and one intermittent one... Mark
  9. It's great! Thank you, looking forward to the release. Mark Hey that's 2 things I've asked for that have been implemented
  10. Hi LUK, Since 2.2 isn't far away, I just thought I'd ask... Is there any chance you could add a free disk space display to the Build Tab? I've been doing some backups and this would be very helpful when picking things to add to a disk. DVD-R 92% full, that means... pull out calculator.. about 360M free, ok pick that file... I realise that IB tells you when you go over a full DVD and need a DL, but it would be helpful to not have to play 'add, too big, remove and try something smaller" and I (personally, IMO) don't find the % filled bar particularly helpful, given the % is displayed next to it, ' and "Min Req. Media: DVD+-RW, 92% full, 360M free" would communicate more info. (BTW, going to extreme pedant mode: why 'Min Req. Media:' and not 'Min. Req. Media:', Min is a contraction as well. :-) Thanks for all you work with IB. Mark
  11. To quote one of my favorite movies (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0071853/quotes). Bridgekeeper: Get on with it. Tim: Yes! Get on with it! Army: Get on with it! Dingo: Oh, thank you, thank you! God: Get on with it! Humbly waiting for the update with the md5sum duplicate file thingy (to be technical), because CdImage didn't work for me and I haven't had time to figure out the mkisofs options. :worthy: LUK Mark
  12. ImgBurn, Tools, Settings, Build Tab, Browse For File - Dereference Links: 30 seconds of playing shows that if you leave this unchecked and browse for a file and pick a '.lnk', it will add the .lnk file (~1k) to the iso image. Checking this option and browsing and picking the *same* .lnk file, will add the file referenced by the link. E.g add Imgburn.lnk (dereference unchecked) will add the 598 byte .lnk, add Imgburn.lnk (dereference checked), puts the 970+k exe in the iso. HTH, Mark
  13. WE can? , hunts round busily for hidden access to beta version with this enabled..... I presume that meant we *will* be able to, not fair getting my hopes up like that. Hunts some more just in case..... Ok, sits waiting patiently. Mark Hunts a bit more.....
  14. +3 for this, it means if you catalog the disks they are much easier to sort meaningfully on the label. Thanks, Mark
  15. A decent light freeware disk to Iso reader is IsoPuzzle from http://www.geocities.com/marsoupilamis/ (I have nothing to do with IsoPuzzle, I just like it) Mark
  16. Umm, WOOT!! Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to the next version. MarkC
  17. No, they're not in the same directory. There are matching files in CD1/image, CD2/image etc, but in order for the programs to run, the images and other files have to be in the directory below them. CdImage appears to do an MD5 sum for each file, and if they match, only store the data file once on the cd and get the two directory entries to point to the same file, a cd equivalent of NTFS hardlinks. I've found a utility called DFHL (Duplicate file hard linker) that processes ntfs files this way, finding duplicates and hardlinking the two together, it saves disk space. I think some versions of MkIsoFs can do this too, if the files are already hardlinked on the disk, but there seems to be a few too many caveats and warnings for me to try that path, just at the moment. Since this is pretty much a one-off, I think I'll proceed with CdImage. Though I might need this functionality again if I do another combined burn of all my old backups like I did a few months ago, where I copied back a few years worth of Cd backups, ran a script to delete some of the duplicates and then backed them up to a dvd. I just hope I can find something nicer than CdImage to do it :-) Thanks for the response. Mark
  18. I'm trying to burn data from multiple cd's to a dvd, and there is a lot of duplicated content across the cd's. There is about 6 gig of data, but less than 4 when duplicates are taken into account. I've been using ImgBurn for a while, but it doesn't appear to have an option to hardlink duplicates when it builds iso. I could probably work out how to use CdImage for this (I have CdImage_Gui as well), but the sucker grabs 130M of ram and 130M of virtual memory to run, even if the iso is only 2.5M (just built as a test) Is there a way to get ImgBurn to build a iso with hardlinks, or does anyone know of another free Iso Builder that can do it? Particularly given cdimage specifically says "For Microsoft internal use only." Thanks Mark I hunted round the forum before I posted this for a half an hour before I posted this, but couldn't find a prior discussion on this topic, can anyone point me at one?
  19. Actually another decent one I found recently is IsoPuzzle It was written as a DVD recovery app, but builds ISO's from discs quite nicely. With the added advantage that if the disk is slighty unreadable, you can put the disk into another drive, or even another machine and just rip the missing sectors and bring them back and merge them into the ISO. Mark
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