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  1. Futz, I can't seem to edit my previous post (I keep getting post to index.php not implemented when I try???) D:\D..\>Subst E: .&E: E:>>For /l %a in (1,1,124) Do Md D&Cd D E:\D\D\.....D\>Subst F: .&F: F:\> That gets you 372 levels in, rinse, lather, repeat. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me. Mark P.S. You can get something similar, without using Subst, by using an NTFS feature called a Junction, (see hardlink.exe at http://www.bearcanyon.com/tools/) which lets you remount a directory somewhere else, so you can drag a junction of C:\A\B\C\D\E\F\ to C:\F. I use hardlink.exe a lot when I want to backup only some files in a directory, but want them IN a directory on a disk. Create a new directory, Hardlink the files from the src dir and then backup the new dir. Saves duplicating files on the HD.
  2. I believe NTFS can handle path lengths up to 32767 characters long, though no subdirectory name can be >255 characters and Windows Explorer can't handle more than 255 characters in a path, neither can cmd.exe. You can get round this by using subst, I just created a directory tree on my 2k box that was about 370 levels deep, path length 740ish. C:\>For /l %a in (1,1,124) Do Md D&Cd D C:\D\D\.....D\>Subst D: .&D: D:>>For /l %a in (1,1,124) Do Md D&Cd D D:\D\D\.....
  3. Kirk, That looks awesome! I would love to have the time and tools (and skill) to do that kind of work. At the moment all my tools are stowed in Australia. Mark
  4. nnn bytes saved by optimising yyy files. Not desperate for it, but it would be a useful piece of info sometimes. Thanks for Imgburn! Mark
  5. Thanks LUK! Now I just need a new burner...
  6. SpybotSD can clean out MRU entries, so can MRUBlaster, but I don't know if they work on Vista. Alternatively, if you are comfortable with it and if you have Regedit on Vista... Pick one of the names, go into regedit, do a search for the filename, keep going till you find the name in a key that includes an MRUList entry, and clear out the obsolete registry entries. On Win2K, the relevant key is HKey_Users\...\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Currentversion\Explorer\ComDlg3\OpenSaveMRU\iso I have found on 2k and xp that you don't need to adjust the MRUList entry, just delete out the ones that say: a Reg_SZ C:\...\IsoFileName.iso b Reg_SZ C:\...\IsoFileName.iso (Use at your own risk, I'm not responsible if you stuff your machine. I'm comfortable using regedit to clear out this kind of cruft, but if you're not don't touch it.) HTH.
  7. Well, one way around it would be to upgrade to 2K, XP or Vista and run NT in a VmWare or VirtualPC virtual machine for your old apps. Mark
  8. Ok, I'll have a go, I was looking for something to catalog my collection of backups and discs recently and came across Cathy at http://www.mtg.sk/rva/, which is a bit basic but does what I need. Especially now I've got all my discs filed in some kind of order.
  9. Arthor?, who is Arthor?, I thought his name was ******* (Makes note to self, treble check all speeling for my next 20 posts or I will?really? regret it...) Mark
  10. MarkC

    5000 members

    You know, for a 98 year old of unspecified gender, she? looks pretty good. Besides if s/he is a 98 year old, I re-iterate my plea that the Beta team don't do the naked run thingy. Now I'm going to have nightmares....
  11. MarkC

    5000 members

    Will we also get banned for pleading that the Beta team DON'T run naked through the streets. >_< That visage is something I really don't think we should associate with ImgBurn.
  12. MarkC

    5000 members

    It appears a number of people have cancelled their accounts, been banned, or had their inactive accounts removed. About 800 to be (in)exact. ?
  13. Unfortunately there ain't a firmware update, so I'll stick with the -R's for now until I get a new burner. The budget won't reach there just yet, as I just had to get a new drive after the 160G I bought died due to a power supply fault, and my second 20G is failing. Plus my 21" ViewSonic just died and my 20" Philips is showing its age. I'm sure I should just get a credit card reader installed in the front of this thing Maybe next month. Mark
  14. Barf, just lost a post... I emailed SVP to see if I could get some samples to try in my drive and I did, a few more than I expected. The 16xDVD+R Verb Silvertops only show as a 1x in my drive, but the 16xDVD-R Verb Silvertops just gave me a flawless verify after a buffer underrun. I have NEVER had a good disc after a BU with this drive before, ever. I'm sold on TY dyes and verb disc quality. Next I think I'll try the TY unbranded 8xDVD-R TYG02's and then..... I'm sold on SVP just because of their customer service, and I aint bought anything yet! Mark
  15. Umm, yeah. I just looked at the images again and it does, doesn't it. But I did recover a badly scratched disc using IsoPuzzle by getting most of it off using my burner, then shifting to my old Cdrw/dvdrom and IP managed to get the rest, of course it took a while (~10 hours) IP does things like pause during reading to give the disc and drive a chance to cool down. It's good, but I think he might need a miracle :-) Mark
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