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  1. Thanks So lightning thought of everything then
  2. Hi I use ImgBurn in build Mode to make the ISO of the Video_TS and Audio_TS folders. After that I burn them as Video DVDs. Now how can I set the region code to ALL of this DVDs using ImgBurn? I think this is the way to make the DVDs region Free. Please advise. thank you.
  3. Could you please also tell me why the Disc is not giving any trouble in first few runs?
  4. So at least I hope that that my new Burner is not the one to be blamed- right? Thank you all for helping me.
  5. Hello dontasciime Thank you for being so kind to answer my problems. I have a dual boot PC, and I use Linux for different reasons. Sometimes I need to store some info/matters that I found while using Linux in a manner so that i can access while using XP. So I need a FAT32 partitions. Yes No this discs are branded as navtech, coloured white with violet coloured writing. This is their home page: http://www.navtech.org/ I do not have many DVDs, hardly get any time to watch them. According to the DVD player's manual the player is supposed to play DVD+R and DVD+RWs. What I was thinking is which one you were referring as gradually becoming faulty. Thank you again.
  6. Thank you for your reply. The drive where the video file is stored is FAT32 as I need to access it using Linux. How am I supposed to ascertain that? Which one- the disc or the DVD player? My DVD player generally plays all the files quite flawlessly- be it converted or not. This file in question is a converted one from DivX. This drive is hardly a month and a half old. I have burnt one other disc brand earlier and they were burnt properly. So I sincerely hope that my new burner is not the culprit.
  7. Hello Friends I am facing a weired problem and I hope to get some help. I used ImgBurn to build a DVD image of the folder containing VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS Folders. As I tried to burn it on a DVD it failed to verify the burnt image. In the past in one of threads here I was told that it may so happen that even when a burn process verification fails the Disc is burnt properly.Keeping this in mind I played the disc and it played without any problem. After playing it few times suddenly today near the mid of the disc, the disc froze. It appeared that as if the player is trying to play the disc, but it was not successful. After trying for a while the disc started to play from the beginning. Now I found that the disc is stopping much earlier than the first time. Those portions which played flawlessly even when it stopped for the first time, have started to develop problems of freezing. I cleaned the lens of the DVD player,and the disk to, but the situation did not improve. The other details which you may need are as follows: Player: PHILIPS 625K Burner: LITEON LightScribe 165HS upgraded to latest available firmwire The relevant log of ImgBurn is as follows: Please tell me how can I successfully burn the video DVDs getting rid of this error. Thank you.
  8. Thank you very much for your suggestion kenadjian:)
  9. Hello Ifcrule1972, Yes I have received a success massege this time. Please find the last log as follows: Please tel me if there is anything wrong. Secondly the Video seems to be slightly jerky. The original video was encoded in DivX and I used ConvertXToDVD to convert the file to DVD structure. Then I used ImgBurn built mode to make the iso and then ImgBurn to burn the disc. The stand alone DVD player that I use is of PHILIPS. So do you have any idea so that I can improve? Thank you again for your continuous support.
  10. Hi friends the firm ware seems to be upgraded ithout any problem- hardly took 2 mins. Thank you for the guidance. I shall burn another project tomorrow and I'll let you know the result.
  11. Thank you very much polopony. It is a great relief to know that the new discs are good. Please be kind enough to clear the following doubts: 1. Should I turn off the AntiVirus and other security softwares those are running at the system tray? 2. Sorry polppony but I did not receive any flashing tool from LiteOn with my DVD writer. Are you referring to the downloaded EXE package obtained from link at the post#22 of cornholio7? It is named as XFlash. Thank you again for your continuous support .
  12. Helo cornholio7, Thank you for the link help a little bit more and tell me how exactly should I update it. In the download page I found a warning regarding wrong update may ruin my drive. So is there any specific precaution/procedure that I should follow during this update? Please advise.
  13. Hello friends, Hi Polopony, as you directed, please find the log below.I have just burnt in the newly purchased discs using 4x speed and rest of the setting I kept as automatically selected by ImgBurn. Now as you can see, it failed to verify, though as I played the video DVD in my PHILIPS DVD player, it played beautifully. not that it made me unhappy, but what is really worrying me is the "failing of Verification Process". So could you please advise on this matter? Thank you again. BTW, is this the type od Disc that you have advised? I believe it is Taiyo Yuden.
  14. Thanks to ImgBurn and Good fo me .....phew......... Thank you everyone I'll let you know the result here.
  15. Yup One thing, what is the meaning of TAO and DA? and which setting I sould adopt in ImgBurn?
  16. Hi Friends, Yup, I've taken your advices seriously and changed the media. Don't be frustrated please, I'm really a newbie in this world of DVD burning . Now what should I do next?
  17. Hi everyone, I believe that I need to inform you the following and need your farther guidance regarding this matter. 'Cause I must be completely sure that I'm not doing any procedural mistakes- DVDs do not come chip . I tried to give it a last try using Nero VE3 [came with my LiteOn DVD burner], surprisingly VE burnt the disc without giving me any error. Though at the the resultant disc the video was bit disturbed- it was halting a few times. Now personally I do not like Nero Products at all [not because I'm discussing it in this forum ], so I'm not at all inclined to continue to use this product- I would like to have my good old ImgBurn o burn my Discs. These are the videos very favourite to my son and I can't take chances using Nero, which I've stopped using more than a year back. So please help.
  18. As I need to write at least one/ two DVDs, will I be able to succeed if 6x speed is used instead of 4x or 8x? As according to ImgBurn the DVDs support 6x speed. Please advise. Thank you again.
  19. Thank you polopony and cornholio7. ------changing is a trouble- but I think I do not have any more options as such. Changing settings means that I was referring to "Book Type". What exactly is being changed here?
  20. Sorry I do not understand what exactly do you mean. Is it due to my discs or there are some setting problems? Even if I change to get some suggested DVDs should not I need to change my settings? And lastly, how my player could play DVD-R though it is specified to plat DVD+R and +RW? Please help
  21. Please also tell me whether I need to change any settings. Previously I successfully created Video Discs which play perfectly in my Philips Stand Alone DVD player. Though, surprisingly those media were DVD-R.
  22. Hello Friends, With the help from this forum I was able to burn some video DVDs using ImgBurn. But recently, I bought few blank DVDs [DVD+R] and I tried to burn the Image File of the ISO obtained using Build Mode of ImgBurn . it gives me the following error massege during the Start of Verification [at about 2-3% of progress]. As I choose "Continue" im the PopUp window for a number of time the verification continues and ultimately a window appears telling me that the "operation successfully completed". One of the sample Log of error is as follows: Now my problems are: 1. Why is the error massege? and how can I solve it 2. The disc after being completed successfully, can not be played by my Stand Alone DVD player, it is showing No Disc. According to my player's specifications it can play DVD+rR and DVD+RW. The media I used is DVD+R. 3. I would prefer to have my disc in PAL format, why is it giving me in NTFS [refer to RED bolded line]? Could someone please bail me out of this problem?
  23. Spare me mates, I have no intention to get into tangles of of unending legal jargons. I just wnat to seek help without breaking the rule of the forum.
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