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  1. If I remember correctly, it is not a country specific law, it is a part of the Intellectual property right [part of GAAT] that allows every rightful owner to have one back up copy.
  2. Thank you so much friends I have successfully burnt the image to the DVD and the result is wonderful
  3. BTW I have successfully created the ISO of the video folder. Thank you all. Now I guess that I need to just burn it on a blank DVD-r as I used to burn CD ISO images- right? Or there is some special settings that I need to change? Finally I would like to make it a DVD video which can be played in my Stand Alone Philips DVD player.
  4. Hi I bought this PC in 2001 and it was from Compaq, before acquisition by HP. And yes I have both. When I boot with Compaq recovery CD it asks for the Windows CD but as I said the trouble is the recovery CD will make a fresh install deleting every available partition on my master HDD. So as a more or less advanced user of my PC I just can't use that.
  5. Thank you very dontasciime One last bit of doubt, will it be bootable, or for that I need to make any changes in the burning option of ImgBurn?
  6. Thank you LIGHTNING UK! At first allow me to thank you personally for making such abeautiful software, thank you very much. As far as my knowladge goes, in our country I backup is allowed, and yes when I'm not eligible to use tha original I have yo destroy the backup too. Still could you please give me some hints how I can make a bootable one? I have Compaq recovery CD but that simply formats the harddisk. So I need a bootable CD to recover my XP in case of trouble. Thank you again.
  7. Are you sure? As far as my knowladge goes this policy exists all over the world that the rightful owner can make one backup copy of his owned copyrihgted material- I know it for certain.
  8. Thank you linx05, May I take this oppertunity to ask another question regarding this matter? I have a original Win Xp Pro CD which came with my Compaq PC. I think I should make a copy of that [i can have 1 copy as backup legally]. I could have gone for a disk to disk copy, but due to some reason I can not boot from that CD. I have copied the files and folders of the Cd to my HDD. Now can ImgBurn be used to make a bootable CD? If yes, then how? Please see if you could help. Thank you again.
  9. Hi friends, First a lot of thanks to the developers for providing such a beautiful piece of software. From VideoHelp.com I came to know that using ImgBurn I can burn the Video_TS folders to DVD. I use single layer +R DVD and I want to have Video DVDs playble in Stand Alone DVD players. Please tell me how can I do that. I found one guide here but that is for DL +R DVDs which I do not use.
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