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  1. Trying to think if something the judge will find believable

  2. The new forum looks kewl!!!

  3. is fed up with phone calls at 3am

  4. Me again:)

    Thanks for the help with firmware update and sending over a program to open Imgburn in Build mode with the firmware loaded was amazing.


  5. The beers ok too...but watch out for loose women...

  6. Feel like I'm playing queeg from red dwarf - if I loose this one he'll have me cleaning the floors...Your 35? Jaaayssuuusss your old...

  7. Hi mate how ya doing? Good to have such knowledgeable people as yourself on the forum - makes up for people like me! lol.

    Regards. R.

  8. All the friggin T & A I've posted and that avi of your's still does my head in. Don't worry about admitting your a girl - anything goes nowadays except morris dancing, regards...

  9. Wimmin? Is that what you do in Wimmim Pools? Just returning the call. Hope you are well and not too smug after your win. Good finish tho - I didn't see it even after you warned me, Regards

  10. Hot in here...haven't touched my avi, but thanks for the heads up I'll keep an eye on it...

  11. Thanks for the nice things you posted about my pics:). Regards...

  12. Hey chewy how ya doing? Don't you know how old you are? Or when your birthday is...life must be really hard.

  13. The reason I'm saying its not me in the pic is cos somebody saw my pic of Jessica Alma and sent me an email saying I was a lovely lady! (saw him a few times but it didn't work out...)

  14. Hi how ya doing?

  15. Its like Saw 3 in here...agh!!!

  16. Just to say that's NOT me in the photo - don't anybody get any funny ideas - I'm a bloke!

  17. Have to have a look round for some redheads for the avatar...

  18. Happy Birthday, you just beat me to it (I'm 53)

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