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    I have a friend who lives in France and they not as equipped as the British media would have you think. Point is that is unnaccpetable to have the country come to a stand still and worse still to compare our problems like it makes a difference or account for deficiencies. This "passing the buck" mentality is typical of politicians who blame councils and vice versa. Like u said it doesn cost that much to upkeep some gritting machines on the chance that it might snow. UK has been hit hardest by the economic slowdown so to lose 2-3 days of business in this kind of "climate" has forced smaller companies to to shut down. If it was my company that went bust, id want some people in Government and my local council to lose there jobs as well. Also funny how we measure snow in inches. Countries like Canada measure in Feet hehe.
  2. @Cynthia Yeah that article seems to sum up the typical mentality of large corporations. Look at Liteon's Website and they even hav that "Corp" affix. Whats the point ($$$) in releasing new drives when the older models need firmware updates to fix existing problems. I always found it annoying that any company would release a product that needed patching outside trial stages (Certain pc hardware, games, etc). Should work straight out the box! @Spinningwheel It quite incredible when you think about how 95% of blank dvd's are a piece of crap. Curious how these companies get past Quality standards agencies in the repsective countries. Typical user doesnt know about the differences in dyes and sacrifice quality for price. Most dvdrs, CDr-s are only expected to last on the shorterm. Perhaps that s the loophole. One other thing. Is it ok to have two dvd drives on the same IDE channel? As long as u dont use both at the same time, that shouldnt affect speeds, burns or scan quality? At some point i plan to upgrade to a motherboard with more sata connections but im stuck with IDE for time being.
  3. Thanks Cynthia. What do u think about the "Smart Write functions" on the new Lite on drives. Apparently u can get great burns on bad media. It is just hype or can i go back to buying cheap disk? My Taiyos and Verbs are looking a little worrried...hehe
  4. Ive read through bunch of threads and found three that were kind of useful: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...660&hl=pipo http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...548&hl=pipo http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtop...107&hl=pipo However, some of the threads were old and i want to buy relatively new burner that has excellent burning/scanning features. Are most of them the same or do others simply excel interms of PIPO, Jitter accuracy? Looks like Liteon are the ones to buy? Any paticular model that works consistently well with DVDinfopro? Also is it important to clean the inside of the drive over time as im wondering if dust can effect the scan rating? TIA Added: Thankyou for moving this thread to Chat section. Half asleep when i posted this. Soz...
  5. I supose so but my roots go back to the golden days of the Super Snes when Square Soft made some of the greatest RPG's ever! Lost Odyssey is nice to look at but my problem is age. Im Getting old and hav that seen-it-all-b4 attitude. Wouldnt even a buy a ps3 if i knew that final fantasy 13 was mulitformat.
  6. Did a system setting with out a reboot so i know all the features were active. Such a time consuming activity, this testing business. So i can imagine what you beta testers go through Essentially my burns wer based around those three paticular options: Solid, over and WOPC. Solid on, Over off, WOPC on Solid off , WOPC off, Over on................and so on. Went through every permetation, i guess partly because i had time off from work and was bored....lol. But then i got really bored and felt i should report my findings here and bore other people ROFL! Amen to that. P.S With WOPC>off, Solid>off and even Overburn>off, you still get 89% quality marks with dvdinfopro on the TYDVD-Rx16 disks @Max speeds. Just fascinating stuff.
  7. I would agree with you donta but i actually tested about 10 disks at full whack and the ones with Overspeed activated, tended to be of a better quality. That 1.5% margin was a suprise to me because my ratings usually rated at 93-94%. Perhaps it is just coencidence but i cant be arsed to do anymore testing. Maybe somone else can confirm this given the time. Not really that important though lol. Do you guys ever get around 99% rated burns. If so which drives do you use? Sometime burning disks is a bit like alchemy...hehe.
  8. If you havent already decided id go with the ps3 despite being a 360 fan. More suited to the casual gamer and has the BR option which is now the HD standard. TBH it seems like most games appear on either console so the so called "exclusive" titles are becoming less frequent as popular franchises are ported to both the 360 and ps3. With the recent price drop announced for the 360 its only a matter of time before you see
  9. Not worth making a seperat post for it but since we re on the subject of qsuite and Benq 1640, i thought i might add this snipet of info. Only recently installed Qsuite and actually looked into some of the features. Experimented with some of them while burning, using ImgBurn and discovered for the best possible burns with TY DVD-R X16 disks, you should activate Solid Burn, Overspeed and WOPC. Overspeed didnt make a difference interms of burning the disk faster but just by activating it i found that it added an extra 1.5% to the final quality rating in DVDINFOPRO, totalling 95.56%. Used latest firmware: BSRB
  10. Finally ditched nero and use ImgBurn exclusively. 24 is my lucky number so i take this update as good sign Mucho appreciations!
  11. Update includes a PiPo scan in the first post (at the top). Next update will include results for Verbatims 2.4x DVD+R DL [MKM-001-00] media. Might seem a little redundant providing scans for a dvd drive thats been on the market for 2 years now but i was always slightly dissapointed that i couldnt find these results in the Media section for my LG GSA 4163b. This is for all the those other LG users out there who couldnt sleep at night either Scans are purely for Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media only. Know that might be somewhat lacking but i m only interested in media that is recommended for my drive. 06/07/07 Added: Will include results for Verbatim 4x DVD+R DL at some point. Also plan to purchase some Taiyo Yudens 16x DVD-R SL with results to follow.
  12. Aten


    Welcome back Imgburn About time though. Not easy when your used to a daily fix. Back in remission........yay.
  13. Aten

    Gary Glitter

    Pretty long down time. I almost forgot my password as a result. Longest ive seen so far. Were the gremlins at it again.
  14. Wasnt really making any assumptions. You ve opened a vein of info that i wasnt really tapping into but now that u mention it, so be it. Just be interesting to see how this plays out. DVD's should last a lot longer than people expect. Would be great to live in Japan with their 1gb broadband speeds. All my troubles would just wash away... LOL. Ever seen Logans Run. I think it time for processing
  15. Market for watching BR/HD vs market for writing are what im getting at. Things have change now since the 80's. More saturated now.
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