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  1. Adding to LUK's suggestions... Update your burner's firmware, as that ensures it knows how to handle your dodgy media. You could also try with Verbatim DVD+RW (notice it's plus RW) media, as with that type of media you can simply overwrite the disc, no need to erase first.
  2. ImgBurn returns error level 3 when verify fails, so you can use that to re-burn your disc.
  3. That's exactly the problem with dodgy media: inconsistent results. Have you read this?
  4. Try the 2nd and 3rd options that LUK posted above.
  5. Can't you plug the burner directly to the computer?
  6. Please post the log as per the pink banner at the top of the page.
  7. Install service pack 1 for your Windows 7 using Windows Update (to try and avoid the USB update bug that SP1 has) and try again. Also both USB plugs are connected, right? By the way, with DVD-R media you can enable the Test Mode option so that the disc isn't wasted with a failed burn. Which chipset does your system have? If you don't know you can find out using SIW (Hardware -> Motherboard usually).
  8. You forget that, as LUK said above, the drive is rounding up to 1 GB of writing on the DVD burn, and that's what takes long while synchronising the cache. Use the Discovery mode (it does a full size burn) to write your DVD-RW disc and you'll see that the Synchronising cache will be quick.
  9. Check if the disc isn't dirty or scratched. You could also try cleaning your burner with a lens cleaning disc, if you happen to have one, or manually with a cotton but and isopropyl alcohol. If none of that works then you'll need to try with another burner.
  10. It would be easier, not to mention more reliable, if you used a proper HDD backup/imaging program like Acronis True Image: it can make a bootable disc that allows you to restore any HDD/partition backup in a few minutes. Also it's not dependent of having another Windows install in order to restore; you can even save your backups on external HDDs and flash drives.
  11. You'll have to copy those files to your internal HDD before burning, as your external drive that's timing out. Alternatively you could plug this external drive to another computer on your network, share the files and burn from the network share/assigned letter.
  12. Have you tried burning faster than 2.4x? That's 8x rated media after all.
  13. Look for the latest drivers for your system's chipset / storage controllers (this website might help). You could also try a new SATA data cable on your cable on your burner and make sure the SATA power cable is firmly and evenly seated in the connector. Lastly, you could try plugging the burner on other SATA ports. In any case, it would be also better if you used better quality media as well (please read this).
  14. Either you burned with Test Mode enabled or windows didn't notice the disc being changed (a reboot usually fixes this). Also were you burning from an ISO image or building from files on your HDD? Of course we would already know what's the problem and how to solve it if you actually read the pink banner at the top of this page and posted the log of your burn.
  15. Look for the latest drivers for your SATA controller. If your SATA controller is in IDE mode and/or it doesn't need a driver then you should try with a new SATA cable. Also make sure the SATA power cable is firmly and evenly seated in the drive's connector.
  16. Try burning slower, at 4x, 8x or 16x. I couldn't find any firmware updates for your burner.
  17. mmalves


    ImgBurn is freeware, so if you paid for it then you were scammed and should try getting a refund with whoever processed your payment.
  18. http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=9512
  19. You can extract it anywhere, usually the Downloads or the Documents folder. On another note, try this DW30 firmware updater (it's newer than the D700 firmware) and, in case it doesn't work, then try the D700 firmware LUK linked above.
  20. Yes, you should use UDF 1.02. Also keep an eye on the Log window, as it'll show if files had to be renamed to comply with the selected filesystem. More info -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_Disk_Format
  21. Make sure you're using the latest ImgBurn version and then please post the contents of the Log window (menu Edit -> Select All then Edit -> Copy then paste the text here).
  22. BluRay video discs can use UDF 2.50 or 2.60 as BluRay players support both revisions. Your disc burned and verified fine, which means it's a good copy, so the problem could be with the way you made your BD Video or the settings used in Magix Video, and that's out of the help we have in this forum. Have you looked at Doom9 or similar forums? They have a lot more experience with making BD Video discs than we do.
  23. The log is saved automatically so if you follow the link I posted above you can post the log from the disc you've already burned, no need to waste another disc.
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