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  1. I always use Opera. I have real problems with Firefox, the web pages judder up and down and dont open properley. Un-installed and re-installed half a dozen times and still no joy. Re-downloaded the installer and run a million virus and spyware scans and checked all the settings and the pages still shake up and down. God knows what causes it, but I cant cure it. I suspect there must be some sort of clash with something but I have no idea what it is. Uninstalled it and stuck with opera. I use Slimbrowser as a surrogate for I.E. when needed as well.

  2. "The polar caps arent melting, we are liberating the water!!"






    Apoligies to any G.W. supporters, just joking. :)

  3. I have to ask, are you are a bad person? How was your childhood? Did you have a good relationship with your mother? Oh, and did you ever kill any of your pets? The answers to these questions should tell you if you are a bad person or not. :D

  4. This was on T.V. a couple of weeks ago I'm sure! I had a couple of days off sick and I'm sure that's when I watched it. Howard Keel waving his big hose around. No wonder LFC knew what film it was!! =))=))=))=))

  5. Actually, you have a point. I always thought that they were both fit, but I was only a teenager then and you know what it's like at that age. If it moves f@#k it!

  6. =))=))=))=))


    We did have a guy at my company who booked two weeks off and then forgot to come back after the two weeks were over!! :blink: Had to call him and find out where he was!! He just said "I knew there was something I was supposed to do this week!" :/

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