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  1. Might be worthwile having a sticky at the top of each forum section saying that. At least then the few people that do read a bit before posting would know, dont think it will stop em all though.


    I agree! :worthy::worthy::worthy::worthy:


    ImgBurn is excellent, have already burned a number of disks and they have all been perfect. It even managed to format some crappy re-writables I had given up on ever being able to use. :thumbsup:

  2. It wasnt such a bad place to hang out at one time. These days it is a nightmare there. A lot of the old hands are noticeable by their absence, and power hungry pricks who post shit just to get their post count up have taken over. I still get the odd PM from some of the old timers and they are pretty pissed off with the way the place has gone. Ad revenue and member numbers are the main priority now, helping people seems to come a distant third.

  3. Kirk, the bloody convict is just kidding you!! He's trying to hide the fact that he loves Cuntry and Western but doesnt want to admit it!!! =))=))


    Although you could post a bit of Nirvana or Pearl Jam for a bit of variation. Hey! How about some Chilli Peppers? Under the bridge is an alltime fave of mine. Foo Fighters are good too!!! :headbanging:



    How about some Soundgarden as well? :headbanging:

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