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Portuguese (Portugal) translation


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11/05/2009 -> Fixed some translation errors


It seems to be perfect to me so i will only upload a new file when a new base file version is released or if someone finds an error that could've missed me :P. If that's the case, if you find any error, please let me know :).


Have fun!! :thumbup:

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Hi mate,

Thank you for the updated translation.

It would be nice if someone could point the translations from the website to this file because it seems to be the most up-to-date.

Too bad the original maintainer doesn't seem to have the time or the interest to keep updating.


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Thanks. I'm glad that you liked my translation. :rolleyes:

In any case here's the new translation version:


*Updated to the base file v1.0.0.8 for ImgBurn v2.5.0.0 (27-07-2009);

*Tons of translation fixes (i analised the COMPLETE file two times, so it should be pretty perfect now, but we never know :innocent:).


So if someone finds an error, please don't hesitate to mention.

Enjoy!! :thumbup:

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