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Can ImgBurn be used like UltraISO/MagicISO to update files in a BartPE ISO?


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There is a BartPE CD that I would like to update to include FreeCommander 2009 and 7zip.


In the past I have seen buds use UltraISO and MagicISO to do something like this, but I have been wondering if the same thing can be done with ImgBurn.


I think they rip the disc to ISO, go into one of those two apps, drag and drop some files into the affected folders and then burn the image to a new disc.


Could that same thing be done with ImgBurn somehow?


If so, could you do a dude a favor and nudge me in the right direction? (or maybe even tell me how to do it?)


Much thanks

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No, ImgBurn creates and burns images, it cannot 'edit' them.


There's nothing stopping you from dragging the contents of the disc to a folder on your hdd, adding those 2 extra components and then creating a new image/disc.


Thank you for the reply - I appreciate it.


On that new image/disc thing, would it maintain the boot-a-bility of the CD or would I have to create a new bootable CD and then burn the changes to the disc?


Thanks again,



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You can extract the bootable bit from your existing disc / image (when mounted) and then apply it to the new image.


Thank you kindly. Off I go to start reading help screens... :)


Have a good weekend, and thanks for the nifty program.

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