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Need a new DL burner. What is the best out there?

Harry Baules

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Hey guys,

I just recently upgraded my old pioneer 216d with a pioneer 218L. This new drive lasted me only 2 months and now it's giving me many i/o errors. Other times it may burn succesfully but later i find that the 360 game doesn't play properly. I found out after i purchased it that these new pioneers are being made with different chipsets. that may explain why it's failing on me after only about 200 burns.


Anhow i now need a new burner again. Since pioneers are not what they used to be I want to hear some suggestion as to what may be the best burner out there. I do heavy dual layer burning. It has to be SATA. Any suggestions?


By the way I already did all the driver and bios updates so that's not the problem. and yes i'm only using singapore verbatims. the problem is the burner. Hope you guys can tell me about an amazing dl burner that i'm not aware of.

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I ended up buying the Sony Optiarc AD-7240S. This is a good burner bro. I've had it for two days and have been whoring it all day and night LOL.


It burns the 2.4x Verbatims at 2.4x and 4x. So it's faster than my pioneer 218L but still slower than the old Pioneer 216d which could burn those discs at 2.4x, 4x, 6x, and 8x. And this is with the latest firmware by the way. But that's ok because I'm waiting for my 8x verbs to come in. They cost a little more but are well worth it.


Anyhow this burner looks like a keeper and is top quality. Thank you for the recommendation.

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If will only burn those 8x rated ones at 8x as max. :)


A note if you want to book type single layer +R media with this burner - you need to install a firmware that supports it. The original ones don't do it by default.


Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S 1.02 (SCSI)

Current Profile: DVD+R DL


Disc Information:

Status: Empty

Erasable: No

Free Sectors: 4

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