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Series finales


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I know that what we call in the States as seasons are called series in the UK. So, a series finale means the final episode of a series, e.g. what we would call a season finale. So, what do they call the final episode of a show ever? That we in the States call a series finale, but, what about in the UK?



Don't know why this topic interests me, but, it does. :) Thanks!

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Final final episode :)


last episode - EVER! :D


It's funny you should ask this question actually... I noticed Comedy Central saying it was showing the series finale of 'The Office' and I took that to mean it was TOTALLY over - I too am used to seeing season finale (current season's last episode) and series finale (show's last episode ever).


Of course now I've seen that season 6 has just started up on US TV so it can't possibly have been the last episode ever!


So basically, I have no more of an idea than you do :)

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And some series. like Smallville, Stargate take a mid season break which announcers sometimes call season finale.


Dunno - series finale seems a term imported from the State. Last in the present series is used meaning more next year, or last one ever - no more next year.


Unless...like Firefly they canceled the series, then made a movie, or Star Trek TOS then made loads of movies or Farscape where they canceled the series then made two dvd movies to end it. Now they're talking about web episodes...


Anybody think a restart button on the burning prog's a good idea or has it already got one?...


And what's quick ok? mmalves told me but I forgot?

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