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Lower Alert Sounds


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Always scare the sh*t out of me when ImgBurn finishes ...

Yeah, me too :zippy: ..... at least it does when it's 3:30am ..... by that time I've usually got the headphones on, listening to some music, and then ImgBurn finishes burning some disc and I have a heart attack. OTOH, when it's 6pm and you're in the kitchen making dinner, it helps to be able to hear from the other end of the house that the disc operation you started has now finished.


Maybe there's scope here for an enhancement suggestion ... configuration option to, between 23:00pm and 08:00am local time, automatically lower the volume of the event sounds. Now that would be sheer attention to quality in the user interface ... CS students could write papers about such a feature :thumbup: .


... so I lowered the volume on the sound bytes. Just unzip and put it in the ImgBurn/Sounds folder, replace the original. :thumbup:

Good job, thanks ! That will at least save me from cardiac arrest :doctor:

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You guys have heard of the 'Volume' control yeah? :P

Yeah but ... you know ... it's 3am and you have Dark Side Of The Moon playing through the headphones, volume up loud, eyes closed .... "Dum de dum de dum de dum de dum de dum de dum dum" ... spill cup of tea on lap ... heart attack :rolleyes:


Vista even has one on a per app basis.

Now that's the best argument in favour of Vista that I've heard ....... finally (only 20 years after Windows 3.1 came out). That would solve the problem. Didn't know that. Still won't persuade me to run Vista, but maybe Win7. Cheers.

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