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Hi !


First off, I think that Lightning needs to write a brief sentence explaining what each setting is.


In some cases, I probably understand the underlying feature, but don't understand what the two words used are saying.


Here are specifics (these are on both Write and Verify settings);


- Check "Delete Image"

- Check "Close Program"

- Check "Shutdown Computer"


In each case, I'm not sure how the word "check" is being used here. I know what each of those 3 actions do, but not what you mean by "check".


Also, I'm not at all familiar with:


- DVD +R Reserve Track

- DVD-RAM Fast Write


I use DVD+R's but haven't yet bought any DVD-RAMs (although that may change at some point).


Also, what is "Discovery"? Other burn programs don't use that term.


Lastly, when I burned an image to a DVD+RW, ImgBurn announced that it was not going to do a Quick Erase, so it spend 10-15 minutes erasing. However, I cannot find any setting for Quick Erase. :'(


Thanks for your time explaining these (and writing this free program!).

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Those boxes on the write / verify screens (during the actual burn / verify process) are known as checkboxes. So when there is a tick in them, they're said to be 'checked'.


The options in the settings tell the program to 'check' them by default (or not to).


The DVD+R option is just user preference. Sometimes one will work better with odd drives that the other. 99.9% of the time, OFF is fine.


For DVD-RAM, fastwrite kinda disables the DVDRAM standard 'Write + Verify' technique so that it just performs the 'Write' part. That speeds up the burn process. Some dvdram burner or ok with that, others may produce sub-standard discs. Using the programs builtin verify feature is a VERY good idea if FastWrite is enabled - at least until your know your drive can burn properly.


DVD+RW must register as 'Formatted: Yes' in the info panel on the right. If it does not, the program will perform a full format so that it does. After that, you won't have to do it again and as DVD+RW supports direct overwrite, it'll start burning immediatly.


Discovery mode is used purely for testing discs. It doesn't write 'real' data to the disc, just a bunch of zeros. If you look in the 'drives and media' forum you'll see that is what we've been using.


It allows you to burn any amount of data to the disc you choose. So you can test overburning, or just ensure that every sector on the disc is written to - as is useful when looking at media quality.


No other burning software does that, that's why you've not seen the term before.

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