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does imgburn use cdrdao or cdrecord?


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apologies if this has been asked and answered.


i was on a quest for the smallest fastest most powerful keyboard shortcut friendly cd/dvd burning software for windows. i tried everything.


i ended up with imgburn and the unnamed dvd program.


but in my quest i noticed many frontends for cdrtools/cdrecord-prodvd and cdrdao. these seem to the standards.


does imgburn use either of them?


lightning uk! is a talented programmer indeed. heads above the rest.


only thing missing from imgburn is ability to make iso's from files on my fixed drives. for that i use burnatonce, which is one of those frontends for cdrdao and one of the cdrtools (mkisofs).

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It doesn't use either of those, it's my very own burn engine.



Which is why it rocks. No legacy crap mucking up the works.



Besides, you have to pay to ask Lightning dumb questions. julli-stupid.gif I've got my receipts. Where're yours?

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