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Take a look at these 2 Graphs!


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Hi guys!

I just burned a DVD Video folder on my empty dvd disc...


BURNER used: PIONEER DVR-112D (Firmware 1.28)

MEDIA used: Verbatim (Value Serie) (CMC MAG. AM3)


So i took a screenshot of DVDinfoPro's Graph + Pipo Scanning!

Here they are....






looking at these screenies, am i getting good quality burns?




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your quality rating is misleading due to the fact your burner is not ideal for scanning as it doesn't show jitter.

your quality score could fall by over 10 if you had jitter.

another thing which cynthia mentioned is most errors show at the outside of the discs, so you need to do a discovery burn to get a better idea of what they are like.

i have some really crap discs here that scan perfectly up to half way , a full burn using discovery and they won't even verify

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No, you'll just be able to check the quality of the ENTIRE disc rather than 2 or 3GB of it.


You can't say a drive can burn such and such a MID well until you've tested its ability to burn the ENTIRE thing and not just a bit of it. Drives often run into issues at the end of the disc which of course would go unseen if you never actually tried to burn that region!


If you want to get decent/reliable scans you'll need to invest in a liteon burner.

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They are nice scanners.


For burning they can be nice (even if there are nicer ones IMHO), but you can face the not so nice error 'PMA update failure' if you use +R media.


They do have a nice little USB attached mini drive (burner) that doesn't take to much space if you just want a scanner.

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