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Burned Audio CD problem....


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hi guys!


As the title says,

i burned an AUDIO CD using Imgburn and MP3 files but uhm,


the Burning itself went well,

but the result was not good at all,,,


When i tried to play the CD in my Media PLayer,

songs were all distorted...

The sound was just awful...


I was in rush so i then used Burrrn to create my Audio CD...

and that CD was a success!



i really dont know what went wrong with my Imgburn attempt...


i tought of a codec problem at first but,

but i got K-lite codec pack installed,,,


it cant be that,,,


so, what do u guys think it is?





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but Burrrn was successful although i have K-lite installed,,,


im kinda puzzled...


i never had a problem with codec conflict,,,


k-lite codec pack was installed on all my PCs and never ran in to problems...

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You're comparing apples with oranges.


ImgBurn uses directshow to go from 1 format to the other - 'the other' being the one you have to burn to disc.


DirectShow automatically pulls in whichever filters your system is configured to use when playing such files - ImgBurn has nothing to do with this process, it simply states the current format and the destination format... the rest is automatic.


If you load up GraphEdit and open your problem mp3 files, you'll see the graph that gets built and which filters your system is configured to use.


For an MP3 file, the basic graph should look like mine. If it doesn't then you've got junk in there that you don't need.


16-01-2010 12-27-37.png

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Well, the fix is to uninstall the klite stuff (ensuring it takes ffdshow with it) and then just install the individual 'purpose built' filters you actually NEED!


I mean, seriously, what do you actually play that needs special filters? MPC HomeCinema supports mosts things directly. If you want MKV playback in other tools then you get CoreAVC (which is like $10). I list all the recommended filters in the Audio CD guide.


I've never seen that Moolight filter before. All you want/need are the standard windows ones, they work just fine.


You can use DirectShow Filter Manager to basically turn certain filters off (by setting their 'merit' to the lowest value) - although it would be better to uninstall them.



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ok thanx guys!


another thing quik quick,

i know it must depend solely on my PC's performance in general but

is it normal that when i create an Audio CD using ImgBurn

it takes a lot of time to Analise the MP3s i throw in?



thanx again!

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That's basically ImgBurn doing a dummy decode pass so it can determine the exact size of the decoded data (and therefore know how many sectors on the disc that track will take up).


The more efficient your filter path is, the quicker that stage should be.


You can either make it analyse them when you create the CUE (default) or make it do it when you hit the 'Write' button... but either way, it'll be done at some point!

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