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Can I Use ImgBurn to burn ppt, excel, doc, jpg etc etc to DVD


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Had a great experience in ImgBurn 2.5.1 burning an avi movie from my computer to DVD (used DVD Flick to compile it to a vob). I have WinXp Professional 32 bit SP2, Office 2003



1) Can I use ImgBurn 2.5.1 to burn to DVD my following files -

  • powerpoint
  • excel
  • word
  • image files e.g. jpg, tiff, bmp, ico (icon file) etc etc

2) Can I do this from start to finish using only ImgBurn 2.5.1 or do I need to have other software to compile &/or convert

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Thanks. Read it entirely, downloaded pdf for future reference. Many useful learnings including section relating to image options. I had earlier not understood e.g. "Data Type - Model 1/2048" and "UDF Revision 1.02". Now I've learnt where to use what. These are just 2 examples - there are too many others to mention. Well what can I say. ImgBurn 2.5.1 is pure genius, awesomely feature rich & in a class by itself. <img src='http://forum.imgburn.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />


Apart from the fact that WinXP SP3 is the latest service pack why do you suggest SP3? My system builder keeps recommending SP2 instead of SP3. By my own experience I find SP2 runs more apps in a more trouble free manner. That's why I am on SP2. But then, am I missing something important behind your advice? Please let me know

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Why don't he recommend Windows XP Gold or even Windows 98?


You should allways update your OS. Updating will ensure you with the latest bug fixes and security hole patches. You can think to it like a little tunning and polish

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