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Different blu-ray ISO sizes


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I used to make blu-ray discs via Nero Vision (burning from project straight to disc) and then when on the disc I would use IMGBurn to make an ISO of them (as the only file mode Nero has is folder output and not ISO output). Now though because I archive blu-rays on my PC I don't always want to create a disc, so to cut that part out I just make a folder now and burn that via IMGBurn.


So my query is, when I make an ISO from a blu-ray I burnt straight to disc via Nero it always made an ISO of exactly 22.5gb regardless of the amount on the disc. When I do the folder option, IMGBurn makes a ISO of whatever the size is. But if I open up the ISO of one of the 22.5gb ISO's in some kind of virtual drive then highlight each folder then check size, it can shows 21.5gb or the real size. So where does the additional 1gb come from ? Also do I lose space because of this ?


So in simple terms........


Nero Vision =====> Blu-Ray Disc =====> IMGBurn Read =======> ISO = 22.5gb always

Nerp Vision =====> Blu-Ray Folder ======> IMGBurn Build Mode =======> ISO = Whatever size it is, such as 21.1gb etc

Question - Why is this and do I lose hard drive space because of it ?


Thanks !!

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If the ISO file is bigger, yes of course you lose hdd space.


Nero is probably just padding it out to that size - i.e. inserting lots of zeros somewhere.


Out of interest, were you burning to BD-R or BD-RE? That could make a difference due to the nature of BD-RE (where the 'size' always looks like a full disc).

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Thanks. I guess it must be the BD-RE reason then, I didn't think of that. I used to use BD-REs as I would just use them to make ISOs from so it saved wasting discs, I didn't know it makes the disc appear full, I have probably wasted a lot of disc space from doing this as I have 100s of ISOs. The difference must be invisible as the only 2 visible folders within the ISO are less size than when you properties check the ISO file size.

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I think this may be one done that way. This was one from 2009 that I did. It is not a BD-RE but I think it comes from the ISO that came from a BD-RE.




Current Profile: BD-ROM


Disc Information:

Status: Complete

State of Last Session: Complete

Erasable: No

Sessions: 1

Sectors: 11,825,889

Size: 24,219,420,672 bytes

Time: 2628:00:39 (MM:SS:FF)


File System Information:

Sectors: 11,825,889

Size: 24,219,420,672 bytes

Time: 2628:00:39 (MM:SS:FF)


TOC Information:

Session 1... (LBA: 0)

-> Track 01 (Mode 1, LBA: 0 - 11825888)

-> LeadOut (LBA: 11825889)


Track Information:

Session 1...

-> Track 01 (LTSA: 0, LTS: 12219392, LRA: 11825888)


Disc Definition Structure:

Certified: No

Scanned: No

Manufacturers Name: Hitachi-LG Data Storage

Additional ID: BD-RE GGW-H20N YL02

Serial Number: K1A7CLG4141


BD Disc Information:

Disc ID: CMCMAG-BA3-000

Disc Type: BD-R

Disc Size: 120mm

Disc Class: 0

Disc Version: 1

Number of Layers: 1

Layer Type: Writable

DVD Layer Present: No

CD Layer Present: No

Channel Bit Length: 74.5nm (25GB Per Layer)

Push-Pull Polarity: Positive

Recorded Mark Polarity: HTL

BCA Present: Yes

Maximum Transfer Rate: Not Specified

First PAA of Data Zone: 131,072

Last PAA of Data Zone: 1,658,494

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