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Can't burn, imgburn throws strange error


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I'm not really sure if it's a bug or something else, but something is wrong, so I'll post here.

It's years since I use this app to burn my stuff, and it never had an issue, nor made coaster.

Now, whith this new burner... well, it throws an error at me as soon I try to burn. (attached debug log, removed sensitive stuff)

I was trying to burn an .iso file, and so I supposed it was something with it, or the version of imgburn I was using.

I upgraded the imgburn, but nothing. Then I tried using CDBXP, and it succedeed, so I suppose the image is ok. (I manually checked the data)

Now, the only thing that I can think off is that the DVD burner is a sata one (I previously used a IDE one), and is faked as IDE by the bios.

Maybe imgburn doesn't like it? Is this possible to fix?


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Does it really throw that 'Invalid floating point operation.' error every single time?


It's actually a compiler bug and not something I can fix without updating to a newer version of my development environment - which then kills support for some older operating systems.


Here's the info I found on it - http://blog.excastle.com/2007/08/28/delphi-bug-of-the-day-fpu-stack-leak/


If you are always getting the error in that same place, try turning off the 'Capture Graph Data' option in the Settings. It might just be enough to work around the issue - if that chunk of code isn't ever called, it can't error out!

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wow. lost halfway in the explanation of the delphi thing, still almost got it.

now, I'll try the suggested workaround later when I'll be on the "offending box", if it works I'm happy, since I never used the graph data thing. ;)

I'll never ask to break support, but I'm curious, what OS are you talking? w95/w98? I hope not XP... it's still just a middle-aged OS...

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Ok, I can confirm that turning off the 'Capture Graph Data' option in the Settings is a working workaround.

It also solves the crash on verifying a disc against an image, which I just confirmed will produce the same issue if that option is enabled.

Thanks a lot. And long live to uber-old OSes! XD

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